Photo of protest

Solid waste workers demand permanent jobs in Durban

Contractors march through city centre

By Musa Binda - 16 May 2019
Photo of burst drain

Burst drain goes unfixed for three weeks in Durban neighbourhood

Stagnant water causes terrible smell and increase in flies

By Musa Binda - 16 May 2019
Photo of sign

Massive pollution in Durban sea as waste treatment facility fails

All bathing banned in South Africa’s surf city

By Fred Kockott - 10 May 2019
Photo of road blocked by trees

We won’t vote unless the mayor comes, say Ezakheleni residents

Protests bring township to a standstill

By Musa Binda - 6 May 2019
Photo of people carrying water

Durban strike leaves township without water and electricity

Residents have to stand in long queues for water and some complain that their food has rotted

By Musa Binda - 6 May 2019
Photo of trucks blocking street

Municipal employees bring Durban to a standstill

Striking workers say MK veterans are getting special treatment

By Musa Binda - 30 April 2019
Photo of protesters

Speed bump protest brings Durban township to standstill

Protesters say old people and children have been killed crossing busy Sbu Magwanyane Drive

By Musa Binda - 29 April 2019
Photo of a shack under mud

Protest after informal settlement flooded in Durban

Councillor promises to act after residents call for disaster relief

By Musa Binda - 24 April 2019
Photo of man with broken shack

We’re lucky to be alive, says Durban flood survivor

Xolani Ngubo’s shack collapsed on him and his family while they were sleeping

By Musa Binda - 23 April 2019
Photo of a panel of officials

Durban school principal suspended after allegations of sexual harassment

Why didn’t district officials take action before? MEC asks

By Musa Binda - 9 April 2019
Photo of protesters

Durban school principal accused of sexually abusing teachers

District official says Carrington Heights Primary principal should have been suspended before schools reopened

By Musa Binda - 8 April 2019
Photo of protesters

People with disabilities demand jobs

“In South Africa, it is still very difficult for a disabled person”

By Musa Binda - 4 April 2019
Photo of a shop

Immigrants fear for their lives in Durban

Municipality dismantles tents and sends displaced foreign nationals back to their homes

By Musa Binda - 3 April 2019
Photo of displaced people

Immigrants robbed and forced to sleep outside in Durban

Victims of latest xenophobic violence blame electioneering by politicians

By Musa Binda - 28 March 2019
Photo of prisoners in a courtyard

Prisoner alleges beatings at Westville

“They cannot do worse to me than they already have” says inmate

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 27 March 2019
Photo of burning building

Traditional affairs office burnt down in KZN

“Barbaric act” believed to be by land occupiers angry over government crackdown, says MEC

By Musa Binda - 14 March 2019