Rastas march against new cannabis bill

“It is unfair, inhumane and unconstitutional for the authorities to suggest jail for any citizen for the possession of cannabis”


27 November 2020

MK veterans wage campaign against immigrants

Truck drivers in Durban demand that only South Africans be allowed to drive freight


24 November 2020

Covid-19: Trains overcrowded as rail service battles to keep up with demand

UNTU accuses PRASA of flouting safety rules


23 November 2020

Closure of Durban refugee centre leaves asylum seekers in limbo

Government and institutions are ignoring minister’s blanket extension of permits


11 November 2020

Two people arrested during protest for jobs, water and electricity

Effingham shack dwellers feel neglected by the eThekwini Municipality


10 November 2020

Post offices “overwhelmed” with Covid-19 recipients

Over 1.3 million people have been approved for the special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress grant in KwaZulu-Natal


6 November 2020

Mom carries disabled child up six flights of stairs at Addington Hospital

Department says the hospital’s lifts require parts being shipped from overseas


5 November 2020

Immigrant shop-owners in Durban fear for their lives after attacks

Shops closed after protest by MK veterans


4 November 2020

Court order has big implications for land expropriation

Municipality must return land to 84-year-old pensioner because it didn’t obtain his consent, suggesting that parts of the Expropriation Act are unconstitutional


23 October 2020

“Massive” oil spill in Umbilo River

Environmental group says pipeline was meant to have been shut down in 2008


21 October 2020

Abahlali leads hundreds in march against corruption in Durban

“The thieves must be called to justice” says ABM deputy president


20 October 2020

Shack demolitions spark Durban protests

Residents from many informal settlements blocked roads, demanding basic services


16 October 2020

Six arrested during clashes between SASCO marchers and police in Pretoria

“It’s about time something is done to improve the situation at TVET colleges” says student

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15 October 2020

“Not everything that came out of this Covid-19 situation was bad”

Some homeless people in Durban have reunited with their families because of the City’s lockdown programme


12 October 2020

Environmentalists raise concern over polluted Durban river

High levels of E. coli detected, but that might not be the worst of it


12 October 2020

Shack dweller movement celebrates 15 years of struggle

Abahlali BaseMjondolo members have faced killings, physical attacks and demolitions of their houses


5 October 2020