Photo of rubbish pile

The land is “unsuitable for habitation” says municipality, but thousands live on it

Sikiti informal settlement in Butterworth, Eastern Cape, was established over 20 years ago

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 19 July 2019
Photo of two women doing washing next to a pool of water on open land

Taps run dry while broken pipe wastes water for a month

“Our government says we must look after water because of drought. But it seems they do not practise what they preach,” says Eastern Cape villager

By Mbulelo Sisulu - 16 July 2019
Photo of unused pump

Tsomo’s mystery water tankers

Municipality says it provides a water tanker but residents say they’ve never seen one

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 1 March 2019
Photo of broken toilet

In this Eastern Cape school, learners borrow a broken toilet seat from one of the staff toilets

“This is not a school but a disaster waiting to happen”

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 30 November 2018
Photo of an empty pool

Butterworth’s R14-million public pool nears completion after nine years

But there is no water to fill it

By Thembela Ntongana - 21 November 2017
Photo of a building and blankets drying outside

Health department wants to close informal facility for destitute people

Khululabantu Bam centre in Butterworth described as “not appropriate” for mentally ill

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 20 November 2017
Photo of a river

Eastern Cape towns struggle with water rationing

Drought takes its toll in Amathole district

By Mbulelo Sisulu - 16 August 2017
Photo of students in destroyed classroom

What does it take to get the Eastern Cape Department of Education to fix a school?

Nearly three years later, a school damaged in a storm remains broken

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 11 May 2017
Photo of street light

Residents in fear as street lights fail

Memories of serial killer haunt Butterworth village

By Mbulelo Sisulu - 10 May 2017
Photo of empty land

Families evicted by tribal authority want to go back to their land

Residents of Bhungeni were moved to make way for shopping mall

By Mbulelo Sisulu - 12 April 2017
Photo of bridge and dirty river

Sewage “spilling continuously” into Butterworth river

Residents and livestock suffer while year-old leak is unfixed

By Mbulelo Sisulu - 27 March 2017
Photo of informal settlement

Fed-up with waiting, residents of informal settlement sort out their own water supply

Santini community in Butterworth remain without electricity or sanitation

By Mbulelo Sisulu - 3 March 2017
Photo of students gathering under trees

Student boycott enters sixth week at King Hintsa

Allegations spread via WhatsApp prolong boycott

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 22 September 2016
Photo of police

King Hintsa campus closes after protests

Students at odds with management over administration of registration fees

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 13 September 2016
Photo of standpipe tap

Taps run dry in drought-stricken Butterworth

Dam at 13% capacity

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 16 August 2016
Photo of empty Butterworth pool

No progress on empty R9m Butterworth swimming pool

Provincial government refuses to answer questions

By Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik - 31 March 2016