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How does one get rid of their SAPS Persal number?

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Approach the SAPS unit or contact the Department of Public Service and Administration

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Dear Athalie

My son's friend was an intern at SAPS for a year. The internship ended in August 2020 and, now that he's unemployed, he applied for the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. His application was denied because he still has a Persal number even though he is no longer working for the government. Please explain how this could happen.

The long answer

As you quite rightly say, it makes no sense for him to have a Persal number as it should be on record that he is no longer an intern nor an employee of the government. But sadly, there is a great deal of incompetence and inefficiency in our government departments, which is probably the reason that his Persal number has not been revoked.

He could approach the SAPS unit where he did his internship to ask which official could revoke his Persal number.

If this does not yield the desired result, he could contact the Department of Public Service and Administration (PDSA), which should be able to direct him to the person/s in charge of the Persal system in the SAPS.

Tel: (012) 336 1063 / 1000 / 1001 

Postal address:
Private Bag X916

Street address:
Batho Pele House
546 Edmond Street

If none of this works, he could lay a complaint with the National Service Complaints Call Centre on 0800 333 177, following the voice prompts and selections of his choice. He could also use the following contact options:

WhatsApp & Telegram: 082 759 2590
MYSAPS Application by selecting "Service Complaints" option

Wishing you the best,

Answered on Aug. 2, 2021, noon

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