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Can I apply for a disability grant in one town and collect my SASSA card in another town?

Yes, you can collect your card in another town but you must inform SASSA that you are moving and fill out a special form.

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What does SASSA consider an asset when it does the mean test assessment to see if you are eligible for a social grant?

The most recent information we have been able to find comes from a February 2019 article by candidate attorney Carol-Anne Wheeler in News24.

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Is it possible to change a Child Support Grant from a biological parent to the step-mother?

The Child Support Grant is paid to the primary caregiver of a child.

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Can I apply for grants for my children if I have lost my job?

Yes, you can certainly apply for the Child Support Grant, as it exists to help support children when their parent is in need.

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Can a person apply for a disability grant and claim from UIF at the same time?

You can receive UIF and a disability or maintenance grant at the same time, but not any other type of grant

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