Opinion and Analysis

How the Western Cape responded to Covid-19

And how we are moving forward to create jobs


29 October 2020

Legal but reckless: Lending to social grant recipients

High interest rates are charged yet there is little risk to lenders

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29 October 2020

Covid-19: Getting the messaging right

If we keep it simple, adherence should be better

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22 October 2020

Without the right to public transport, most people can’t access their other rights

Regulating and subsidising minibus taxis would allow citizens to access their rights


20 October 2020

Our obsession with mega projects is not good for South Africa

The R30 billion “new city” near Pretoria raises red flags


7 October 2020

Draft bill will not solve police brutality

Killing of “mentally unstable” Tshepiso Adoons highlights failings


7 October 2020

Asset managers need to check excessive executive pay

Executive remuneration in South Africa is untethered to any objective measure of fairness

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28 September 2020

Spatial injustice remains at core of rising inequality

Activists believe a radical “new normal” is needed for land reform

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10 September 2020

Violence in prisons is increasing. The prisons watchdog needs more power to stop it

A Constitutional Court decision, awaited since March, will be crucial for the safety of inmates and wardens


3 September 2020

Cape Town’s approach to homeless people is cruel and expensive

It would have been more affordable to offer people decent accommodation than the Strandfontein camp


1 September 2020

Enemies of the nation: How the “war on drugs” has failed South Africa

Drug use is a social and health issue. It is not a criminal justice issue


19 August 2020

Government has used lockdown to decide who may protest

Uneven enforcement of restrictions on gatherings leaves protesters confused


17 August 2020

How government is supporting captive lion breeding

Panel overseeing hunting is loaded with industry representatives


12 August 2020

We won’t fix development until we fix our municipalities

Citizens have been reduced to passive beneficiaries of state assistance which often never arrives


30 July 2020