Articles by Mary-Anne Gontsana

Police probe use of water cannon against social grant applicants

SASSA admits it’s in “crisis mode”


20 January 2021

Premier Winde calls on President Ramaphosa to intervene in SASSA crisis

This comes after police opened a water cannon on people queueing for grants in Bellville

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15 January 2021

Extend disability grants, Black Sash tells SASSA as queues shock country

SASSA has proposed a ten-point plan to deal with backlogs

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14 January 2021

Water safety programme hit by Covid-19 lockdown

National Sea Rescue Institute’s instructors reach fewer children


18 December 2020

Rape Crisis picket at Khayelitsha court

Protesters demand proper facilities for sexual offences court


10 December 2020

Child drowns in Philippi dam

Community leader says they have been pleading for years for the area to be fenced


10 December 2020

New domestic violence helpline gets more than 200 calls in four days

The helpline is serviced by experienced social workers who will give advice and help victims of gender-based violence


7 December 2020

Activists call for emergency response to violence against women

Right2Know picket outside Parliament


1 December 2020

This is where evicted people go

The City of Cape Town says there are plans to upgrade Kampies, an emergency housing location, outside Philippi


30 November 2020

Langa covered in overflowing sewage and stagnant puddles

City plans to upgrade hostels in the area soon


24 November 2020

IPID investigating after police accused of assaulting woman

The woman says that officers in Philippi threatened to kill her and her family if they spoke out about the incident


20 November 2020

Devastating Langa fire destroys 70 homes

“My shack was filled with smoke and it was so hot inside. I grabbed my baby and ran out.”


19 November 2020

Motorcade through Cape Town to highlight gender-based violence

Police accompany Ilitha Labantu campaign


13 November 2020

Forgotten farm dwellers in Philippi plead for services

They say they do not know who to ask for help as farm owner is impossible to track down


10 November 2020

Nigerian protesters want Ramaphosa to help end SARS unrest

Human rights groups accuse the Nigerian police unit of extortion, harassment, torture, and murder


30 October 2020

School feeding: Auntie Dottie’s biryani is a hit with learners

But some learners are still not being fed in lockdown


28 October 2020