Articles by Tania Broughton

Judge bars lawyers from collecting fees for “vexatious” land claim case

For years, law firm Sinama and Associates pursued a land claim with “no shred of evidence”, ending in a loss for the claimants


18 March 2020

Marikana occupiers reach landmark agreement with property owners

Showdown in Supreme Court of Appeal averted


6 March 2020

Concourt brings relief to children of foreign parents

If you were born in South Africa to non-citizens you can apply to be a citizen


26 February 2020

Judge slams City of Cape Town for not enforcing its own bylaws

City accused of failing to act against Greenmarket Square protesters


18 February 2020

SA’s new refugee regulations could have been drafted by Trump, says activist

Ban on political activity is “illegal, unconstitutional and contrary to the UN convention on refugees”


17 January 2020

Court rules that child offenders, victims and witnesses may not be named - even in adulthood

Parliament given 24 months to correct Criminal Procedure Act


5 December 2019

Understanding the SCA’s freedom of expression judgment

“The legislature may well have wanted to regulate hate speech as broadly as possible, but it has not done so with the necessary precision” explains Judge Navsa


2 December 2019

Judge rules that Prisons Inspectorate must be given independence

Government must change law within two years so that the inspectorate’s funding is not controlled by the Department of Correctional Services


5 September 2019

Mom loses court case but scores a bigger victory for Eastern Cape patients

Supreme Court of Appeal has called on health minister Zweli Mkhize to “urgently address” the dire situation at government hospitals in the Eastern Cape


16 August 2019

Landmark silicosis settlement made order of court

“This agreement can never make full redress for the loss and harm suffered by gold mine workers and their families and communities over the last 100 years,” says judge


26 July 2019

Community wins 20 year battle for school

Case goes to the heart of the fundamental rights of access to basic education guaranteed by the Constitution, says judge


18 July 2019