Articles by Sibusiso Mdlalose

Photo of a pile of toilets

Dozens of toilets gather dust as Newcastle municipality fails to complete project

Municipality says it has no funds

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 14 October 2019
Photo of a man at his shop door

Murderers of Bangladeshi shop owners in Newcastle convicted

Immigrant shop owners welcome life sentences for murderers of Mosharaf Hosain and Limor Mir

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 20 August 2019
Photo of learners in front of a school

Newcastle school for the blind in desperate need of funds

The facility is the only one of its kind in Amajuba district

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 6 August 2019
Photo of informal miners

Newcastle residents say coal mine puts them in danger

Informal mining is causing houses to crack

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 22 July 2019
Photo of two boys in a river

Newcastle children defy their parents and swim in dams

Two children have drowned but that doesn’t stop these boys who have no pool to swim in

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 3 May 2019
Photo of a child next to a toilet

Manzana toilets finally finished

The project began in October 2018

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 26 April 2019
Photo of pipe in road

Give us water not toilets, say Newcastle residents

Manzana settlement resorts to illegal connections

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 22 March 2019
Photo of man working

Names drawn from a bucket for KZN roads work

Residents demanded fair allocation of work on Newcastle contract

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 20 March 2019
Photo of hole with water  in it

Holes for pit toilets but no toilets

Manzana villagers still waiting for last year’s promise to be kept

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 28 January 2019
Photo of a clinic

People robbed of ARVs because of whoonga myth

No ingredients in ARVs help people get high

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 7 December 2018
Photo of people digging coal

Informal miners risk their lives to make R25 from a wheelbarrow of coal

Villagers dig for coal in Newcastle

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 5 December 2018
Photo of a man

Immigrant shop owners terrorised in Newcastle

Two shopkeepers murdered in October

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 2 November 2018
Photo of man and child

At last a foster care grant for Newcastle family

Uncle’s year-long wait is over

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 18 October 2018
Photo of a teddy bear

The long wait for a foster care grant

Newcastle man has waited more than a year for a grant for a child in his care

By Sibusiso Mdlalose and Kim Reynolds - 12 October 2018