Articles by Sibusiso Mdlalose

Photo of people standing outside police station

“I’m still shaking with fear” says Newcastle shop owner - STORY RETRACTED

Dozens of immigrant-owned stores in Osizweni and Madadeni were ransacked and vandalised on Thursday

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 24 January 2020
Photo of road with rocks on it

Osizweni residents cry foul on road construction jobs

Their names were drawn, but they never got the promised work

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 4 December 2019
Photo of a taxi rank

R2.3 million taxi rank unused for five years

No explanation from Newcastle municipality

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 28 November 2019
Photo of protesters

People with albinism march for skin cancer awareness

Sunscreens are available at state hospitals for people with albinism

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 4 November 2019
Photo of a pile of toilets



By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 14 October 2019
Photo of a man at his shop door

Murderers of Bangladeshi shop owners in Newcastle convicted

Immigrant shop owners welcome life sentences for murderers of Mosharaf Hosain and Limor Mir

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 20 August 2019
Photo of learners in front of a school

Newcastle school for the blind in desperate need of funds

The facility is the only one of its kind in Amajuba district

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 6 August 2019
Photo of informal miners

Newcastle residents say coal mine puts them in danger

Informal mining is causing houses to crack

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 22 July 2019
Photo of two boys in a river

Newcastle children defy their parents and swim in dams

Two children have drowned but that doesn’t stop these boys who have no pool to swim in

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 3 May 2019
Photo of a child next to a toilet

Manzana toilets finally finished

The project began in October 2018

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 26 April 2019
Photo of pipe in road

Give us water not toilets, say Newcastle residents

Manzana settlement resorts to illegal connections

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 22 March 2019
Photo of man working

Names drawn from a bucket for KZN roads work

Residents demanded fair allocation of work on Newcastle contract

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 20 March 2019
Photo of hole with water  in it

Holes for pit toilets but no toilets

Manzana villagers still waiting for last year’s promise to be kept

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 28 January 2019
Photo of a clinic

People robbed of ARVs because of whoonga myth

No ingredients in ARVs help people get high

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 7 December 2018
Photo of people digging coal

Informal miners risk their lives to make R25 from a wheelbarrow of coal

Villagers dig for coal in Newcastle

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 5 December 2018
Photo of a man

Immigrant shop owners terrorised in Newcastle

Two shopkeepers murdered in October

By Sibusiso Mdlalose - 2 November 2018