Articles by Nompendulo Ngubane

Photo of people marching in a celebratory style

Accused in ANC double murder granted bail

While supporters of the families of the deceased wept, Bonginkosi Shabalala's supporters celebrated

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 15 July 2016
Photo of gates and a brick building

Sassa fails to stop bribery in queues for social grants

We are a business for security guards, says pensioner

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 14 July 2016

Families stuck in shacks because of government squabble

Housing project halted while municipality and contractor differ over invoice

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 11 July 2016
Photo of ANC office-bearers

Disputes over Pietermaritzburg election candidates spill over into violence

ANC office-bearers lay charges of assault

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 6 July 2016
Photo of burning tyres and people standing around

Residents say they will torch ANC candidate’s home

Community in ward 11, Pietermaritzburg, don't want councillor to stand for re-election

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 24 June 2016
Photo of protesters

ANC members fear one another after Pietermaritzburg murders

“Political killings have become a habit,” says party member

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 23 June 2016
Photo of a woman in front of a mud house

Family in mud house waiting 14 years

“Is this the life of a full time voter?”

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 23 June 2016
Photo of two women in ANC colours

Political motives suspected in Pietermaritzburg double murder

“Two women were gunned down just like that, who is next?”

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 20 June 2016
Photo of a woman

Toilets never worked in France

Residents have flush toilets but have to use a bucket system

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 6 June 2016
Photo of protesters blocking road with burning rubble

Residents accuse ANC councillor of starting wasteful project

Councillor defends road drainage plan

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 2 June 2016
Photo of residents blocking roads with burning tyres

Pietermaritzburg voters demand new election candidate

Protesters block roads again

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 1 June 2016
Photo of protesters blocking road with burning tyres

Residents furious with councillor after weeks without water

"We have been smelling for days"

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 27 May 2016
Photo of woman carrying water

Councillor accused of punishing voters for choosing another election candidate

Willowfountain residents say they are being deprived of water

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 25 May 2016
Photo of protesters

Rubber bullets disperse protesters in Pietermaritzburg

Yet another community dissatisfied with councillor

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 13 May 2016
Photo of a protester

Councillor doesn’t know “the meaning of service delivery” say protesters

Residents in Pietermaritzburg say they are without water

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 11 May 2016
Photo of protesters

Pietermaritzburg residents block roads, demand councillor be removed

Sboniso Majola is standing for his third term, but some of his constituents say he hasn’t delivered

By Nompendulo Ngubane - 5 May 2016