Articles by Alex Welte

Covid-19: one month of discipline could save 20,000 lives

The time for social distancing is right now


10 June 2021

The problem with pausing a vaccine rollout

Interrupting a programme early leads to many more infections than one might naively estimate

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21 April 2021

Should we have another tough lockdown? Not yet

Starting a lockdown too early or too late reduces the benefits but not the hardships


31 March 2021

Why the Covid ‘Recovery Rate’ is a lousy measure of how we’re doing

It is much more sensible to compare how many people have tested positive this week to last week


20 August 2020

Covid-19: What happens after the lockdown?

The epidemic won’t disappear by 17 April. We have merely bought three weeks breathing space to plan for the future


31 March 2020

How to fix the academic peer review system

And the crux of the solution is that a hundred thousand journals need to die

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3 August 2017