Articles by Rejul Bejoy

Photo of protest against pharmaceutical companies

Anger at huge price tag for life-saving medicine

Price of effective treatment for hepatitis C is over 600 times what it costs to produce

By Rejul Bejoy - 28 July 2016
Photo of man with placard

Study links wage increase to job losses on farms

But researchers cautious about findings

By Rejul Bejoy - 28 July 2016
Photo of a wooden shack

Woman who can’t evict people from her home faces eviction

Double-edge of high bar for eviction

By Rejul Bejoy - 25 July 2016
Photo of sport stands

State offices instead of housing for the poor

Proceeds from contentious sale of Tafelberg School will be used to fund provincial offices, not social projects

By Rejul Bejoy and Ashleigh Furlong - 24 July 2016
Photo of a man

Sascoc board members flout their own rules

CEO holds position in violation of its constitution

By Rejul Bejoy - 22 July 2016
Photo of Gideon Sam

Corruption allegations against Gideon Sam come back to life

Accusations against Sascoc president related to social grants result in urgent meeting

By Rejul Bejoy - 13 July 2016
Photo of two people embracing outside a court building

Legislation to stop predatory wage deductions underway

Debt collectors have been exploiting involuntary and uninformed agreements with debtors

By Rejul Bejoy - 8 July 2016
Photo of a group of people

South Africa opposed UN resolution on internet access

But by consensus, Human Rights Council now officially recognises that people have a right to internet access and online freedom of expression

By Rejul Bejoy - 6 July 2016
Photo of delegates

South Africa abstains from UN vote to protect human rights

Resolution on gay rights watchdog passed without SA support

By Rejul Bejoy - 5 July 2016
Photo of a row of blue portable toilets

City taken to court over toilets

SJC says Cape Town municipality has failed to provide adequate sanitation to decades-old informal settlements

By Kayla Molander and Rejul Bejoy - 4 July 2016
Graphic showing the proposed building in the city

Residents urge De Lille to stop 19-storey Bo-Kaap building

Mayor will have final say on giant development

By Rejul Bejoy - 29 June 2016
Photo of pills

Survey finds massive medicine shortages in clinics

Mpumalanga and Gauteng have the most stockouts of HIV and TB medicines

By Rejul Bejoy and GroundUp Staff - 24 June 2016
Photo of US Supreme Court

Apartheid victims lose 14-year legal battle against Ford and IBM

US Supreme Court upholds 2014 ruling to dismiss claims against both companies

By Rejul Bejoy - 23 June 2016
Photo of a woman

Woodstock woman faces eviction from home of 75 years

Property developer wants tenants out by August

By Rejul Bejoy - 22 June 2016
Photo of people

Activists draft charter for better education

250 members of Equal Education reach consensus after two day meeting

By Rejul Bejoy - 19 June 2016
Photo of people

Day of debate at Equal Education conference

Delegates participated in four panels focusing on the legacy of apartheid on education

By Rejul Bejoy - 18 June 2016