Articles by Rejul Bejoy

Photo of person

Equal Education kicks off national summit in Johannesburg

Over 200 members meet to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Soweto and improve the modern education system

By Rejul Bejoy - 17 June 2016
Photo of picket

Unions picket Western Cape MEC for social development

Social workers want Albert Fritz to apologise or resign

By Rejul Bejoy - 14 June 2016
Photo of parliament session

Experts caution government over new housing mega-projects

The Department of Human Settlements has announced a change in focus, but experts say it may not be the best way to deal with the housing crisis

By Rejul Bejoy - 14 June 2016
Photo of firefighters with South African and Canadian flags

SA firefighters in Canada: here are the facts

The singing firefighters are returning home after negotiations failed to resolve a pay dispute

By Rejul Bejoy - 13 June 2016
Photo of dam at low level

Cape Town’s precarious water supply

Drought has left dams very low but the City is taking steps to secure the future water supply

By Rejul Bejoy - 8 June 2016
Photo of a demolished shack

City demolishes occupied shacks using court interdict

Councillor says eviction order not required

By Rejul Bejoy - 6 June 2016
Photo of people doing gym

Mfuleni’s homemade gym

Aleas Stokwe used his personal savings to start a gym in his home for his neighbourhood

Text by Rejul Bejoy. Photos by Masixole Feni. - 2 June 2016
Photo of Siqalo resident

Siqalo residents protest over rubbish collection jobs

Protesters angry at “failed’ interviews

By Rejul Bejoy and Ashleigh Furlong - 1 June 2016
Photo of Khayelitsha residents protesting outside a school

Khayelitsha residents close down school in protest

Protesters angry at ANC’s choice of election candidates

By Rejul Bejoy and Thembela Ntongana - 30 May 2016