Activists call for a task team to find ways to boost Covid grant

Social protection provides a lifeline but it’s not enough, say researchers


Brief | 17 May 2022

Post Office no longer paying R350 grant

Beneficiaries must now collect their money at retail stores or USave


News | 12 May 2022

Seven million people have applied for the R350 grant since Saturday

Social Development says its budget can only cater for 10.5-million


Brief | 29 April 2022

SASSA not processing new applications for the R350 Covid grant

The agency says it’s waiting for Department of Social Development to finalise amended regulations


News | 19 April 2022

Bathabile Dlamini’s conviction sends a message to all public officials

There are consequences for failing in their duties


Opinion | 18 March 2022

Bring back our post office, demand Fort Beaufort residents

Town’s only post office cannot cope with the numbers of social grant beneficiaries


Brief | 3 March 2022

Child Support Grant needs to be increased, report finds

Researchers say the grant should be R624 – the food poverty line


News | 25 February 2022

Finance Minister announces 2022 social grant increases

New grant for orphans announced in budget. Nearly one in two South Africans now receives a grant


Brief | 23 February 2022

Concourt hammers unlawful social grants company

Cash Paymaster Services has tried to delay handing over information on its profits


Law | 14 February 2022

Activists lobby President to make Covid grant permanent

Following a meeting with organisations last week, the presidency acknowledged the impact the grant has had in reducing poverty and hunger


News | 26 January 2022

Universal social security is now a matter of urgency

Government must implement a policy for either a basic income grant or a grant for unemployed people

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Opinion | 3 December 2021

Activists demand Basic Income Grant

Protesters march on National Treasury after budget last week


Brief | 18 November 2021

Loadshedding causes social grant backlogs

SASSA says staff are manually filling out applications


Brief | 18 November 2021

CPS has still not revealed how much profit it made from social grants contract

Seven months after Constitutional Court order to supply documents, liquidators apply to delay further


News | 18 November 2021

Tax the rich, demand budget protesters

Unions and organisations call for a basic income grant

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News | 11 November 2021

Social grants: the research behind the controversy

We look at how different grants were evaluated in the recent SALDRU study


Analysis | 11 November 2021