Photo of front of Western Cape High Court

A delayed court ruling is blocking a man’s right to justice

Judge Siraj Desai still to provide written reasons for a case filed in March 2016, despite multiple requests

By Tessa Knight - 11 September 2019
Photo of front of Western Cape High Court

Backlog at Western Cape High Court has improved

Late judgments down from 13 in February to four in August

By Tessa Knight - 29 August 2019
Photo of court

Three judges reported to Judicial Service Commission

Judges Anton van Zyl, Siraj Desai, and Jacqueline Henriques nailed for late judgments

By Kristine Liao - 23 April 2019
Photo of North Gauteng High Court

Chief Justice’s office fails to provide list of late judgments

GroundUp’s PAIA request to judiciary has been ignored

By GroundUp Staff - 2 April 2019
Photo of lawyer walking into court

Case not closed: Cape High Court backlog showing no signs of improving

Thirteen judgments are over six months late, twice the amount of time set out in the judicial norms

By GroundUp Staff - 25 February 2019
Photo of Cape High Court

Slight improvement in backlog at Western Cape High Court

But 16 judgments have been outstanding for at least six months

By Kim Reynolds - 13 December 2018
Graph showing rate of late judgments by court

Two thirds of reserved judgments in SA courts are late


By Sophia Wilhelm and Tara Osborne - 27 September 2018
Photo of Cape High Court

Cape High Court backlog keeps getting worse

Seventeen judgments have been reserved for more than six months

By GroundUp Staff - 3 September 2018
Photo of Cape High Court

Judge Hlophe fails to explain why judgments are extremely late

Sixteen judgments at the Cape High Court have been outstanding for more than half-a-year. Six have been outstanding since 2016.

By Nathan Geffen - 29 June 2018
Photo of plaque at Cape High Court

Cape Town’s sluggish judges

One judge has six judgments outstanding for more than a year

By GroundUp Staff - 7 December 2017