No severance pay for employee who refused Covid vaccination

Her refusal was unreasonable, CCMA rules


Law | 17 May 2022

Farm workers demand urgent ban on 67 pesticides

Women on farms say that pesticide exposure is making them sick


News | 6 May 2022

Eastern Cape paramedics face dismissal

Workers stop work to demand better equipment


News | 5 May 2022

Eastern Cape farm workers vow to continue strike

Farmers’ organisation says many farms will struggle to survive this season


Brief | 29 April 2022

Thousands of farm workers face eviction with the end of the National State of Disaster, activists warn

Women on Farms march against evictions in the Western Cape


News | 27 April 2022

Hundreds of city centre security guards suspended in Cape Town

The workers want the Cape Town Central City Improvement District to intervene after accusing Phangela Group of demoting security guards and racism


News | 26 April 2022

Eastern Cape court interdicts protesting workers from being 500m from farms

Farmer says the protests and damage to property has costly implications on the already strained citrus industry


News | 25 April 2022

“I prayed for them to let me live” says Zimbabwean truck driver

Immigrant truck drivers say they live and work in fear of being attacked by people claiming to be part of xenophobic groups


News | 25 April 2022

Nando’s gets the stick for firing a man who tasted its carrots

Durban Labour Court rules that a man fired after “consumption of stock without authorisation” be reinstated


Law | 25 April 2022

Residents of Kirkwood join farm workers to shut down Eastern Cape town

The workers are demanding higher wages and the residents of the town demand electricity, water and a police station


Brief | 20 April 2022

Wage strike at Taylor Blinds factory

“I feed your families, but I can’t feed mine”


Brief | 8 April 2022

Telkom has frozen an employee’s pension. Here’s why a judge has allowed it

The company is suing a man it accuses of having sold information to a competitor


Law | 5 April 2022

Farm women demand Distell act against suppliers that violate workers’ rights

“We work in the vineyard, we grow it, we prune it, we work with the fruit, but we get the least money” says farm worker


News | 24 March 2022

Coega Development Corporation wants to stop protests by small business owners

Case postponed to April for the businesses to get lawyers


Brief | 23 March 2022

New code on vaccination in the workplace

A code of practice will replace the current Covid directions when the National State of Disaster lapses


Law | 18 March 2022