Living on the streets of Cape Town

Many people live on the streets of Cape Town. For various reasons they either cannot enter shelters or do not wish to stay in shelters.

Seth E K Fortune

3 October 2012

Phillipi man in wheelchair rescued from burning house

Sbongiseni Mveya narrowly escaped death when he found himself trapped inside a burning house in Phillipi due to a suspected electric malfunction.

Mary-Jane Matsolo

12 September 2012

Rats and rubbish: Somafho Flats in Gugs

Rubbish piles, rats and no electricity. This is the site of Somafho, a block of flats in Gugulethu’s NY 121.

Mary-Anne Gontsana

1 August 2012

Delft RDP houses falling apart

Delft residents are left in the cold this winter as the recent bad weather is causing their houses to fall apart.

Janine Fortuin

19 July 2012

Man in Gugs flat: “Living here is not life”

Kholekile Tisana is partially blind and has lived in a block of flats called Somafu in Gugulethu for the past year. He says living there is the same as living in a shack.

Mary-Anne Gontsana

11 July 2012