Articles by Tariro Washinyira

City explains its sports field plans

GroundUp has been reporting on sports facilities in Cape Town's townships. We interviewed Tandeka Gqada, Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services, to find out the city's ideas and plans for making sports facilities more available.

Tariro Washinyira

29 August 2012

Deadly highway soccer game

Founder and coach of the Brothers of Peace soccer team, Innocent Benya, said that lack of sporting facilities and resources in the Khayelitsha community nearly cost one of the team players his life last year when he chased a ball towards the road and collided with a Golden Arrow bus. He was hospitalised and out of action for three months.

Tariro Washinyira

22 August 2012

Where are the police? Zimbabwean man murdered by two gangsters

Zimbabwean born Garikai Mpala has been stabbed to death, allegedly by two gangsters operating in Khayelitsha. The family was told by the Harare (Khayelitsha) police to bring the two suspects to the police station.

Tariro Washinyira

15 August 2012

Immigrants accuse construction company of abusive labour practices

Kate Jambela, the owner of Jambela Building Construction, is being accused of exploiting immigrants for the past four years and more recently of dismissing them without paying their accumulated wages.

Tariro Washinyira

8 August 2012

Zimbabweans work together to repatriate the dead

There is a large Zimbabwean community in Cape Town. When members die, their friends and family usually want them to be buried back home in Zimbabwe.

Tariro Washinyira

1 August 2012

Immigrants at work: The Parow flea market

Cameroon-born Desmond Chia is a stall owner at the Parow flea market. The harsh weather Cape Town has recently seen makes it hard for him to run his business.

Tariro Washinyira

25 July 2012

Immigrants at work: Hair salon and cosmetics shop in Parow

Prince Ikenna came to South Africa from Nigeria in 2010 and has set up a successful salon and cosmetics business.

Tariro Washinyira

25 July 2012

Gay and lesbian activists protest Holomisa’s call for review

Last Wednesday, gay and lesbian rights organisations handed a memorandum to the ANC Western Cape representative, Songezo Mjongile.

Tariro Washinyira

25 July 2012

Zimbabwean woman murdered on her way to Bellville

The brother of a Zimbabwean woman who was murdered last week is accusing her ex-boyfriend in a case that highlights violence against women.

Tariro Washinyira

18 July 2012

Somali trader: “It’s hell-fire in Somalia. It’s hell-fire in South Africa”

Abdirahaman Abdiwali, a leader in the local Somali community, explained some the difficulties Somalis face to GroundUp.

Tariro Washinyira

11 July 2012

Choosing the lesser evil: taxi or train?

GroundUp journalist, Tariro Washinyira, describes the aggravations of taking a minibus taxi from Bellville to Cape Town. But taking the train instead has its own hassles.

Tariro Washinyira

4 July 2012

Dutch family’s 16 year struggle with Home Affairs

A Dutch family that has been living in South Africa since 1996 has been struggling with the Department of Home Affairs for 16 years to live and work legally in South Africa. Now a Public Protector report has found that Home Affairs failed the family and abused its power.

Tariro Washinyira

27 June 2012

Over 50,000 immigrants deported in 2010

A document called "Perils and Pitfalls – Migrants and Deportations in South Africa," recently released by People Against Suffering and Oppression, explains how the rights of refugees, children and black South Africans are infringed and abused.

By Tariro Washinyira

20 June 2012

Bomb scares disrupt Metro commuter lines

Western Cape Northern Line Metro Rail commuters found themselves in a transport commotion last week. Police were alerted on Thursday morning shortly before 7am of a possible bomb between Parow and Tygerberg Stations.

Tariro Washinyira

5 June 2012

How immigrants are scammed at Maitland Home Affairs

GroundUp received several allegations that bribes are commonplace at Maitland Refugee Reception Centre. We decided to investigate.

Tariro Washinyira

29 May 2012

Drug house burns down - landlord accuses former tenants

Last week Monday, a house at 28 Van Eyssen Street burned down. The residents of the house had recently been evicted when evidence was presented in court that they were manufacturing illegal drugs on the property.

Tariro Washinyira

25 May 2012