Articles by James Stent

Health department is likely overcounting its vaccine supply

Because of the syringes being used, vaccinators are getting fewer doses per vial


18 June 2021

What’s gone wrong with government’s tender website?

Treasury’s tender portal has been down since March


11 June 2021

How a truck is helping people in rural areas get registered for vaccination

UNICEF is helping people to register on government’s EVDS system

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10 June 2021

Covid-19: What it’s like being a nurse during a pandemic

“We kept getting patients who were already dead”

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2 June 2021

City of Cape Town slammed for asking public for complaints against homeless people

Counter campaign to City’s appeal launched by activists

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31 May 2021

Why should South Africans care about Israel’s apartheid?

“We recognise apartheid when we see it” say South African Jews

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21 May 2021

Western Cape’s housing policy open for public comment

The province has set out guidelines for its municipalities


20 May 2021

PRASA loses application for leave to appeal reinstating executives

Judge finds grounds for appeal of Ngoye judgment “grossly misconceived”


13 May 2021

COSATU calls for public audit of Lottery

“The silence of the NLC on these allegations is deafening”


11 May 2021

What has been granted in the Tafelberg leave to appeal?

Leave to appeal the sale was denied, but a higher court is to hear appeals on a number of related issues


30 April 2021

In photos: the grim aftermath of Cape Town’s fire

Flames destroy buildings, monuments and precious archives

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19 April 2021

Funders of African health research are excluding Africans, say scientists

African scientists call on funders to “decolonise global health”


15 April 2021

Rail regulator CEO suffers court defeat: company secretary must be reinstated

Leave to appeal Labour Court judgment dismissed


15 April 2021

Ugly battle over social housing in Cape Town

Former employees of Communicare, dismissed for fraud, go to court to oppose evictions


12 April 2021

Railway regulator CEO and board at war with each other

Battle lines drawn over dismissal of company secretary, who has been reinstated by the Labour Court


6 April 2021

Primedia beats PRASA in decade-long court case

“Improper conduct” from company owned by Roy Moodley’s son


30 March 2021