Articles by Christopher Rutledge

Photo of men in a mining trench

Ekapa case shows South Africa’s stark inequalities

Mining companies and government move to end livelihoods of thousands of informal miners

By Christopher Rutledge - 5 December 2016
Photo of miners sitting

Community voices muted at Alternative Mining Indaba

By giving corporations a bigger stake, the people affected by mining are being marginalised

By Christopher Rutledge - 18 February 2016

Mining communities are ready to explode, say activists

Phakisa, from the Sesotho word meaning "hurry up", has been touted by government as the silver bullet that would “fast track the implementation of solutions on critical development issues.”

Christopher Rutledge - 1 July 2015

Why mining communities will take government to court

Mining companies and the government are ignoring the interests of the communities that should be benefiting from mining, writes the author. Now civil society organisations intend to take legal action.

Christopher Rutledge - 21 May 2015

Minister Ramathlodi: more of the same, or the same, just more?

In the mining villages of Ga-Pila where Anglo Platinum continues to profit from land grabbed from the traditional communities just west of Mokopane, the appointment of the new Minister of Mineral Resources, Advocate Ngoako Ramathlodi, has been met with a sense of betrayal.

Christopher Rutledge - 16 June 2014