Articles by Phathiswa Shushwana

Photo of people marching

Residents of informal settlement block new housing project

Kanana families want to be housed on site

By Phathiswa Shushwana - 4 December 2018
Photo of Khayelitsha Police Station

Police accused of torturing suspects in murder case

Men who “confessed” under torture were later acquitted in court

By Phathiswa Shushwana - 8 November 2018
Photo of an Eastern Cape school.

Why it takes so long for schools to be built

Equal Education demands transparency from government to improve delivery of school buildings

By Phathiswa Shushwana - 31 October 2018
Photo of officers on a train

New Rail Enforcement Unit officers will be armed

All three levels of government co-operate in latest effort to protect Cape Town’s train commuters

By Mary-Anne Gontsana and Phathiswa Shushwana - 29 October 2018
Photo of toilet buildings

“I fell into a pit of mud and human waste”

Pit toilets finally repaired at Eastern Cape school where caretaker nearly drowned

By Phathiswa Shushwana and Chumani Mazwi - 26 October 2018
Photo of protest

Learners call for Western Cape education department to pull out of court case

National government has appealed Bhisho High Court ruling on minimum norms and standards

By Phathiswa Shushwana - 31 August 2018
Photo of students marching

Students ask Ramaphosa for amnesty

“We are fighting for free education, how are we expected to pay legal fees?”

By Phathiswa Shushwana - 22 August 2018

School sanitation: Ramaphosa accused of “pretending to care”

SA Human Rights Commission, Equal Education and SECTION27 respond to president’s SAFE initiative

By Phathiswa Shushwana - 15 August 2018
Photo of Deena Bosch

Occupiers of Cape Town buildings hold first congress

Reclaim The City elects leaders and adopts constitution on Women’s Day

By Phathiswa Shushwana - 10 August 2018
Photo of protest in Khayeltisha District Hospital

TAC occupies hospital to protest poor conditions

Khayelitsha District Hospital CEO says improvements have been made

By Phathiswa Shushwana - 19 July 2018
Photo of a woman hanging up laundry

Khayelitsha fire victims still struggling for decent housing

TRA residents have been waiting five years for relief

By Phathiswa Shushwana - 10 July 2018

Charges dismissed against three men accused of murdering Zanele Sandlana

Magistrate’s decision greeted with tears by protesters

By Phathiswa Shushwana - 27 June 2018