Articles by Ian Broughton

Tension in Hillbrow after residents attack drug dealers

Drug dealers and users have moved one block further away from where they were


15 October 2018

Homeless poorly treated in Bedfordview

People living on the street say they will resist smear campaigns and persistent attempts to have them removed


8 October 2018

Bedfordview beggars face crackdown

Fuelled by rhetoric on crime, attitudes to beggars all over the country are hardening


25 October 2017

Western Cape to toughen alcohol controls

It cannot be “business as usual for the liquor industry” says Medical Research Council researcher


6 September 2017

New drug plan promises shift in policy

For the first time, the plan includes input from drug users


29 August 2017

Harm reduction versus abstinence: experts debate drug laws

SA Drug Policy Week kicks off in Cape Town


2 August 2017

Don’t treat drug users as criminals, say health workers

Harm reduction better than a police war on drugs, argues TB/HIV Care Association


8 February 2017

Homeless in Durban “dumped” outside the city

Municipality spokesperson says “vagrants” are a “scourge”


9 December 2016

Medical lawsuits threaten to derail the health system

South African hospitals need drastic reform to avoid disaster


8 November 2016

GroundUp goes shelter-hopping in Durban

Some charge R20 for a night in a filthy building


4 October 2016

We’re being targeted, say homeless

Homeless people in Observatory, Woodstock and Bellville have complained about a wave of law enforcement operations against them in the last two months.

Ian Broughton

8 April 2015

Masekane: a crisis in the heart of Woodstock

A hacking cough comes from the motley group of people huddled together in a flimsy shack alongside the railway line near Woodstock’s industrial area. It could be from the smoke from the fire; it could be from the cigarette smoke that fills the shack – or it could be tuberculosis.

Ian Broughton

10 October 2014

National Health Insurance: struggling to be born

South Africa’s bid to provide universal health care through National Health Insurance (NHI) could fail if government does not learn lessons from other countries, a conference heard last week.

Ian Broughton

6 October 2014

Healthcare workers worry injecting heroin on increase

Sunday 31 August was International Overdose Awareness Day. Health workers in Cape Town have warned of a possible increase in drug overdoses and the spread of infectious diseases, including HIV, if the use of needles to inject drugs increases.

Ian Broughton

2 September 2014