Articles by Pamela Keletso

Photo of beer containers on the pavement

How beer is smuggled across the border and sold in Springs

“This is real Zimbabwe beer, a sweet memory of home”

By Pamela Keletso - 15 September 2017
A man fixing a pothole

Motorists pay toll fees to Zimbabwe’s pothole entrepreneurs

Holes filled with bricks and sand and motorists charged a “thank you” fee

By Pamela Keletso - 7 March 2017
Photo of two policemen

Zimbabwean police spike motorists

Officials use dangerous method to stop traffic offenders

By Pamela Keletso - 28 February 2017
Photo of a queue outside a bank

Harare residents find ingenious new ways to survive

Faltering economy prompts tricks of all sorts

By Pamela Keletso - 1 February 2017
Photo of Zimbabwean bank notes

Harare sex workers beat the cash crunch

Customers pay online

By Pamela Keletso - 29 November 2016
Photo of bank notes

Long jail terms for mocking Zimbabwe’s new currency

Parliament rushes through law in anticipation of bond note introduction

By Pamela Keletso - 24 November 2016
Photo of a table with food and a chicken

Women traders at mercy of Harare police

“It is better to pay the $20 fine, than pay daily bribes,” says defiant sadza seller

By Pamela Keletso - 19 September 2016
Photo of people with their goods to take to Zimbabwe

The night run: how Zimbabwean traders are dodging suffocating import restrictions

"We are poor. We will go naked if we are prevented from importing cheap garments for resale."

By Pamela Keletso - 25 August 2016