Articles by Pamela Keletso

How beer is smuggled across the border and sold in Springs

“This is real Zimbabwe beer, a sweet memory of home”


15 September 2017

Motorists pay toll fees to Zimbabwe’s pothole entrepreneurs

Holes filled with bricks and sand and motorists charged a “thank you” fee


7 March 2017

Zimbabwean police spike motorists

Officials use dangerous method to stop traffic offenders


28 February 2017

Harare residents find ingenious new ways to survive

Faltering economy prompts tricks of all sorts


1 February 2017

Harare sex workers beat the cash crunch

Customers pay online


29 November 2016

Long jail terms for mocking Zimbabwe’s new currency

Parliament rushes through law in anticipation of bond note introduction


24 November 2016

Women traders at mercy of Harare police

“It is better to pay the $20 fine, than pay daily bribes,” says defiant sadza seller


19 September 2016

The night run: how Zimbabwean traders are dodging suffocating import restrictions

"We are poor. We will go naked if we are prevented from importing cheap garments for resale."


25 August 2016