Photo of people outside huge tent

Covid-19: City of Cape Town and national government bicker over housing of refugees

City claims Bellville site is not compliant with anti-virus regulations

By James Stent - 8 April 2020
Photo of protesters

Covid-19: Shackdwellers lose court case to stop demolitions

“Covid-19 does not mean that there must be a holiday in respecting the laws of the country” says Durban mayor

By Tania Broughton and Nokulunga Majola - 8 April 2020
Photo of pencils

Covid-19: Children allowed to move between parents’ households - in some cases

Regulations changed on Tuesday to assist separated families

By Tania Broughton - 8 April 2020
Photo of woman in front of shack

Covid-19: Plans to move thousands from informal settlements met with scepticism

“They should consult us before making these statements” says community leader

By Tariro Washinyira and Peter Luhanga - 8 April 2020
Photo of the inside of a huge tent

Covid-19: Police use rubber bullets to stop homeless people leaving camp

Street people claim they are not being fed and they were deceived about conditions

By Lucas Nowicki and James Stent - 7 April 2020
Photo of sewing machine

Covid-19: Textile industry agrees on temporary relief for employees

This is one of the first of several similar agreements being negotiated across different industries

By Tania Broughton - 7 April 2020
Photo of Kalk Bay harbour

Covid-19: Lockdown regulations threaten livelihoods of line fishermen

“Everybody needs the snoek run to make it through the year”

By Lucas Nowicki - 7 April 2020
Photo of closed hair salon

Covid-19: Hairdresser’s battle to survive

“I have never been scared like this before”

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 7 April 2020
Photo of Thabisa

Covid-19: How can children wash their hands if they’re homeless? asks activist

Abahlali baseMjondolo Women’s League slams demolitions

By Nokulunga Majola - 7 April 2020
Photo of a truck

Covid-19: George residents thankful for its many soup kitchens

About 80 feeding schemes are operating during the lockdown, many from people’s backyards

By Mpumi Kiva - 7 April 2020
Photo of two people on garbage truck

Covid-19: What are your rights as an employee?

Quick guide to the lockdown rules

By Shane Johnson and Samantha Robb - 7 April 2020
Photo of protesters

Covid-19 and women: This is what government needs to do

National response needs to be gender sensitive and pro-poor

By Sonia Phalatse - 7 April 2020
Image of coronaviruses

Beware these fake claims about Covid-19

We debunk nonsense being spread about the pandemic

By GroundUp Staff - 6 April 2020
Photo of two female traders

Covid-19: Street vendor says she can now feed family of 17 under relaxed regulations

Informal taders selling essential goods and uncooked foods to now operate with a permit during the lockdown

By Mosima Rafapa - 6 April 2020
Photo of a woman

Family facing eviction rejects municipality’s Wendy house

Court document shows that house was supposed to be “a standard two bedroom brick and mortar structure with indoor sanitation facilities”

By Liezl Human - 6 April 2020
Photo of Covid-19 volunteers

Covid-19: How South Africa will test for the virus

TB test repurposed for Covid-19 will massively increase capacity

By Elsabé Brits - 6 April 2020