Prasa / Metrorail

Conflict over land for rail line occupiers

Traditional leaders say the land is used for Xhosa initiation rituals


News | 3 October 2023

Commuters struggle with transport costs as Metrorail central line remains closed

Some workers are spending half their wage to commute because trains aren’t running


News | 26 September 2023

Protesters end three-day fast outside Parliament

Activists are demanding Parliament take action against Sfiso Buthelezi over allegations of corruption when he was chairperson of PRASA


Brief | 22 September 2023

Protest at Parliament goes ahead after last-minute deal with City of Cape Town

Activist organisation #UniteBehind wants MPs to fire former PRASA chair Sfiso Buthelezi

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News | 20 September 2023

Cape Town proceeds with rail dispute despite President’s assurances

Cyril Ramaphosa has told Parliament rail devolution is on track. The City of Cape Town disagrees.


News | 8 September 2023

Zackie Achmat to lead fast against corruption

Activist organisations express frustration at lack of action against corruption-accused Member of Parliament Sfiso Buthelezi


News | 31 August 2023

PRASA promises full service on Cape Town’s Northern Line by December

“Our people have suffered enough since trains have stopped working” says unionist


News | 30 August 2023

Land for relocation of railway line occupiers to be assessed within two weeks

SCOPA chair tells ministers and mayor to get on with it


Brief | 29 August 2023

Survey reveals massive decline in rail passengers over the last ten years

The number of Metrorail passenger journeys have dropped by 46-million since 2013, but gains have been made over the last year


News | 25 August 2023

Axed PRASA board chair goes to court to get his job back

Leonard Ramatlakane argues that if he did anything wrong it was minor and unintentional


News | 22 August 2023

Mayor threatens President with formal dispute process over rail services

PRASA has snubbed City of Cape Town’s attempts to take over management of Metrorail


News | 15 August 2023

Judge Makhubele hearing postponed because of outstanding legal fees

“Millions” owed for the judge’s legal representation


News | 1 August 2023

PRASA blocks corruption-buster from returning to work

Martha Ngoye still suspended pending Labour Court appeal


News | 25 July 2023

MP threatens to sue Zackie Achmat and #UniteBehind for defamation

Achmat accused Sfiso Buthelezi of benefitting from corruption at PRASA


News | 24 July 2023

MPs furious that families have still not been moved off Cape Town’s railway tracks

SCOPA chair tells authorities to “shape up or ship out”


News | 6 July 2023

Cape Town’s Central Line will be fully operational before the end of March 2024, says PRASA

Relocation of people living along the track is still unresolved


News | 5 July 2023