Why South Africa must end trade with illegal Israeli settlements

South Africa ruffled political feathers in April this year, after it made it unlawful for Israeli settlement products sold locally to be labelled as "made in Israel". All products made by Israeli businesses operating illegally in the settlements must now be labelled according to where they were produced in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. This is in accordance with international law and South African foreign policy.

Jonathan Dockney - 15 May 2013

“Aging Out” of Foster Care- David’s Story

Every year, hundreds of young adults "age out" of the foster care system in South Africa when they officially become adults at or around their 18th birthday. It is a big transition that often comes with very little support.

Verity Fitzgerald - 7 May 2013

Responding to criticism

The Democratic Alliance markets itself as an efficient and un-corrupt alternative to the ANC. It never hesitates to point out serious service delivery failures by the ANC. So it is interesting to see its responses to the Social Justice Coalition's criticisms of the City of Cape Town's handling of a major toilet supply contract in Khayelitsha.

Nathan Geffen - 30 April 2013

Venezuela: Lessons for South Africa

Hugo Chavez’s chosen successor Nicolas Maduro, has scraped through with a lead of 240,000 votes against the opposition of Henrique Capriles. Maduro is to lead the Venezuelan state in continuing the program of social reforms known as the Bolivarian Missions, where the state after nationalising the oil company, used that revenue for the betterment of the poorest sectors of society. Health care, housing and education are made available through the Missions.

Selby Nomnganga - 24 April 2013

South Africa under construction: Give public works a chance

The Expanded Public Works Programme aims to create millions of short-term jobs every year while also providing the county with much needed infrastructure such as roads, hospitals and schools in areas that need it.

Amelia Midgley - 13 March 2013

DA electoral reforms ignore the main problem: party funding

Of all the adjectives used to describe South African politics, boring cannot be one of them. Completely out of the blue the Democratic Alliance (DA) on Tuesday submitted an Electoral Reform Bill (Bill) to Parliament, which aims “to provide for the demarcation of … constituencies” in order to deal with the “alienation by voters from the political system”.

Gregory Solik - 6 March 2013

Constitutionally speaking about the 2014 election

The 2014 election campaign has clearly begun and promises to be long and almost
certainly very bitter. Labour relations — and relations with labour — are likely to be
in the forefront, with Cosatu, as a member of the governing tripartite allliance, in the
thick of it.

- 27 February 2013

Activists demand direct elections of Members of Parliament

Should citizens be able to choose their MPs? This is the question that was posed by the "My vote counts" campaign yesterday evening at the Central Methodist Church in Greenmarket Square.

Nokubonga Yawa - 27 February 2013

Early ANC election salvoes backfire

The government has loosed off the first major salvoes of the 2014 election campaign
— and all of them have backfired. That is one labour movement view of three
official announcements over the past ten days.

Terry Bell - 13 February 2013

Playing politics while the Boland burns

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille is correct in claiming that there is
political interference in the strikes and recurrent violence in the Boland. And the
DA is as responsible as any other political grouping for being involved in — or
“interfering” — in the ongoing upheaval.

Terry Bell - 23 January 2013

SJC hold commission outside Cape High Court in protest against minister’s court application

About 500 people gathered outside the Cape High Court last week Thursday opposing Minister of Police Nathi Mthetwa’s application to stop a Commission of Inquiry into policing in Khayelitsha from continuing.

Mary-Jane Matsolo - 19 December 2012

An alternative to more chaos and destruction?

The promises and the policies, the personalities elected, even the potential political
punch-ups at Mangaung are basically irrelevant.

Terry Bell - 19 December 2012

Ridiculous complexity of housing in South Africa

Millions of South Africans at the end of apartheid dreamed of living in a house one day. This was the hope offered by the Reconstruction and Development Programme. Eighteen years later there has been progress. The Department of Housing says that over 3 million houses have been built sheltering over 13 million people. But there is a terribly long way to go.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 21 November 2012

Showdown over police inquiry

On 22 August, in response to a call made in November 2011 from several social justice organisations, Premier Helen Zille established a Commission of Inquiry to investigate alleged police inefficiency and a breakdown in relations between police and communities in Khayelitsha. The commission is being chaired by former Constitutional Court judge, Kate O'Regan and Advocate Vusi Pikoli.

Tessa Gooding - 7 November 2012

Picking up the pieces left by a corrupt councillor

Umrhabulo Triangle is the name of ward 96 in Makhaza Khayelitsha. Former ward councilor, Thabile Maxon Ludidi, had to step down when he faced corruption charges. Now 34-year old Councillor, Danile Khatshwa, is having to pick up the pieces.

Nokubonga Yawa - 12 September 2012

It’s still dark in Khayelitsha

Earlier this year, GroundUp published a story on the issue of street lights not working on Lansdowne Road in Khayelitsha.

Nokubonga Yawa - 12 September 2012