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How can I apply for my late husband's UIF benefits?

The short answer

You will need to visit the Labour Centre.

The whole question

I have been advised that I can claim for my husband who has passed away recently. He was contributing to his UIF for many years, but I have not claimed. What do I need to do?

The long answer

To claim death benefits you need to apply within six months of your husband’s death. You would need to go in person to the Labour Centre and fill in Form UF126. 

You need to bring:

  • your identity document

  • copies of your husband’s last six payslips

  • his employer's details on form UI19

  • a certified copy of the death certificate

  • a certified copy of your marriage certificate

  • a service certificate from the employer

  • proof of your banking details.

The official at the Labour Centre will give you Form UF128 which must be filled in by your husband’s last employer and then submitted at the Labour Centre. The death benefit is the amount your husband could have claimed if he were unemployed, and it will be paid out in one lump sum.

It is unclear whether you can avoid going in person to the Labour Centre to apply for death benefits under Level 2 lockdown, but it does not seem likely. 

You can check at this number: 0800 030 007 for Queries. You can also email these officials in Western Cape: 

  1. [email protected]

  2. [email protected]

Answered on Aug. 26, 2020, 12:19 p.m.

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