Concourt to determine rights of detained immigrants

People detained for crimes currently have more access to the courts than undocumented immigrants


9 November 2016

University interdicts: what do they mean and to whom do they apply?

In the wake of Fees Must Fall protests, institutions are using the courts to complete the academic year


7 November 2016

State capture report explained

Zuma, the Executive and the Gupta family have troubling questions to answer about cabinet appointments as well as a dodgy Eskom deal - and this is just the beginning


3 November 2016

Withdrawal from International Criminal Court challenged in Concourt

CASAC argues the President has violated the separation of powers


31 October 2016

Concourt closes loophole used in municipal evictions

"Meaningful engagement" is required, not optional


27 October 2016

Concourt judgment: a victory for spouses of farm workers

Klaase case means women's interests must be taken into account before evictions can be carried out


24 October 2016

Charges against Gordhan are a swing and miss

It’s clear there was no intention to commit fraud


13 October 2016

CCMA victory for non-unionised workers

It will be easier for workers to get representation


11 October 2016

Xolobeni goes to court over community rights versus mining

Case will shed light on land ownership and customary law


28 September 2016

Bromwell Street case could set precedent for city housing

Residents take City of Cape Town to court


22 September 2016

Constitutional Court ends shady practice by creditors

From now on judges must approve deductions against salaries by creditors


20 September 2016

A South African shame: children in prisons

Youths held in adult prison for 200 days without access to visitors


12 September 2016

Who inherits your partner’s estate if you’re not married?

Constitutional Court will soon give us an answer


23 August 2016

Constitutional Court scathing about arrest and detention of child

"Even when they are in conflict with the law, we should not permit the hand of the law to fall hard on them like a sledgehammer lest we destroy them."


18 August 2016

When can the police search your home?

The Constitutional Court has given us the answer


12 August 2016