Articles by Mluleki Marongo

Six years later Constitutional Court orders Woolies to reinstate retrenched workers

Woolworths should have considered alternatives, says country’s highest court


12 November 2018

No more mud, asbestos, metal and wood: understanding the Equal Education court victory

Bhisho High Court emphasises that cabinet ministers have to explain all their decisions


27 July 2018

Cost order against NGO weakens democracy

The South African History Archive should be able to access documents exposing crimes under apartheid

By and

3 July 2018

Know your rights: when can you be evicted and how?

No-one can be evicted without an order of a court


26 April 2018

Clean air vs industrial development: Durban court case explained

South Durban environmental alliance brings case to court


8 February 2018

Fix our healthcare system so that we may live!

Access to the Constitution and constitutional education in isiXhosa is not an an added extra—it is a constitutional right, argue Tim Hodgson and Mluleki Marongo.

Tim Hodgson and Mluleki Marongo

4 June 2014