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Day 2: State attempts to discredit parents in Michael Komape trial

Advocate asks if death of five-year-old who drowned in toilet was any different from death by sickness or car accident


Law | 14 November 2017

Day 1: Mother tells court how she found her son dead in school toilet

First day in damages trial of the death of Michael Komape


Law | 13 November 2017

Preview: Parents of drowned child seek justice

Michael Komape died in a toilet at school. Now James and Rosina Komape are going to court to compel the state to provide decent sanitation to schools across Limpopo.


Law | 12 November 2017

Katlehong family evicted over home loan arrears of R1,000

Nedbank responds to queries about Mashaba case


News | 6 November 2017

White farmers and Communist Party members join to fight bank evictions

Protesters demand change to legislation


News | 21 September 2017

R60bn Constitutional Court case against banks

Applicants want criminal investigation into bank executives


News | 16 August 2017

Landowners fight 100 years of dispossession

The Evaton community want their trust land restored and mining companies to pay compensation


News | 5 July 2017

How Nedbank sold a family’s fully paid home for R10

And other stories of bank repossessions


Feature | 29 May 2017

Soweto man in court for trespassing in his own home

Solomon Nhlapo’s house was auctioned for R100 by Nedbank in 2014


News | 10 February 2017

The Joburg township where outlaws make the rules

Illegal gold mining sustains Lindelane


Feature | 24 January 2017

Presidential housing project bogged down in corruption and fraud

Hundreds of residents of Gauteng townships cheated out of housing


Feature | 10 January 2017

Boksburg prisoners have to drink water from geyser

Raft of complaints about state of correctional facility


Feature | 2 November 2016

Soweto man’s house sold behind his back for R100

Solomon Nhlapo has to squat in his own house


News | 18 October 2016

Residents fight back against banks’ eviction tactics

A group called Lungelo Lethu Human Rights Foundation is preparing a class action suit against the four major banks for what it says are the unlawful evictions of thousands of South Africans from their homes.

Ciaran Ryan

Feature | 2 December 2015