Articles for Ciaran Ryan

Forget cigarette smuggling. The big money is in stealing coal

Coal theft siphons off billions of rands a year


Feature | 22 February 2019

Lawlessness at Gupta mines was behind deadly tragedy

Men trapped underground at Gloria Coal Mine were allegedly stealing cable


Feature | 18 February 2019

Joburg prisoners claim department is violating court’s order to feed them properly

Correctional Services says it has complied with the order and denies any wrongdoing


Law | 28 January 2019

Taps run dry in Bethal for non-payment of Rand Water bill

Local businesses and residents have come to the rescue of the town residents


News | 18 January 2019

Coal miner community shows the beautiful side of SA

Shafted by the Guptas, the people of Blinkpan, Mpumalanga have come together across race and class to help each other


Feature | 18 January 2019

Court ruling provides some relief for borrowers

Maximum interest rate on second loans reduced


Law | 7 December 2018

Court orders SASSA to pay grants into accounts chosen by beneficiaries

Application was brought by beneficiaries with EasyPay Everywhere accounts held at Grindrod Bank


News | 29 November 2018

The curious case of PRASA’s “simulated” robbery

Security guards released on bail after allegedly tying up fellow guards and attempting to steal vehicles


News | 28 November 2018

Lonmin says it is a victim of vexatious litigation

The Mining Forum has applied for the company’s mining license to be suspended


News | 29 October 2018

Bid to have Lonmin’s mining licence suspended

Mining Forum heads to court over Social and Labour Plan


News | 24 October 2018

Equality Court makes it clear: No racism is acceptable

Velaphi Khumalo asked South Africa to be cleansed of whites, like Hitler did to Jews


Law | 8 October 2018

Banks are clogging up the justice system, says court

Pretoria High Court orders banks to use magistrates’ courts when acting against debtors


Law | 4 October 2018

Victory for debtors as judges rule that cases must be referred to lower courts

Pretoria High Court finds that access to justice is denied by dragging cases into high courts


Law | 3 October 2018

Sun City prisoners accuse staff of cheating them out of canteen money

Inmates say attempts to open fraud case blocked


News | 20 September 2018

Gauteng court rules against cheap bank repossessions

Judgment is a victory for Johannesburg homeowners, and possibly homeowners across the country


Law | 13 September 2018

Court to decide how to handle home repossessions

Activist group wants judges to be able to waive reserve prices only in exceptional circumstances


Law | 16 August 2018