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Mud Schools: a decade of lying to children

Angie Motshekga is in an ebullient mood. On Tuesday at Parliament she told the media that South African education is on an upward trajectory, characterized by focus, consistency and clarity. Fine. Nothing wrong with a bit of positive thinking.

Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 5 March 2013

Why I will not be interviewed on Radio 786 - an open letter

This is an open letter sent this morning by Doron Isaacs to Radio 786. In it, he explains why he refuses to be interviewed by the station.

Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 30 January 2013

The DA is more efficient at Twitter spin than at delivering basic services to Khayelitsha

I work every day in Khayelitsha. From time to time I am there at night, usually to drop somebody at home after a meeting or social event. In the daytime I am as good as any taxi driver at avoiding the potholes that litter the streets. At nights it’s not so simple.

Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 16 January 2013

Youth of the 21st century must speak maths

Some people say that maths is not for everyone. Many say that we should value people for their differing strengths, whether mathematic, dramatic or athletic.

Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 12 December 2012

Behind the scenes of school infrastructure victory

Doron Isaacs of Equal Education describes the organisation's campaign that got the Minister of Basic Education to settle their court case last week.

Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 21 November 2012

Why is the Public Investment Corporation bankrolling private education for the rich?

Next month young activists will attempt to make Bhisho the centre of the world. Members of Equal Education (EE) will be present throughout the duration of a court case aimed at securing infrastructure standards for every school in South Africa.

Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 17 October 2012

Understanding the Simelane judgment

The Constitutional Court is proving that there is life after Chaskalson, Langa, O’Regan and Ngcobo. Many feared that new Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng would usher in an era of slavish Executive-mindedness – and that may still come true – but recent judgments of the Court are quite the opposite.

Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 10 October 2012

An important victory for education rights

Mary Waters High School in Grahamstown has 1087 learners from poor families.

Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 6 August 2012

The inequality of murder

Doron Isaacs writes about the murder of Mnoneleli Ngubo, his friend and a fellow leader in Equal Education.

Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 6 July 2012

The Role of White Youth in South Africa’s Struggle Movements

This is a speech given by Doron Isaacs, director of Equal Education, at an Ndifuna Ukwazi seminar on 16 June.

Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 20 June 2012

COSATU, Zille, Apartheid and the Youth Wage Subsidy

COSATU is facing an unprecedented onslaught. Is the federation, as Helen Zille claims, ‘the main roadblock in the road to job creation and redress’? And would ‘lowering the cost of employment’ be the ‘biggest single step towards solving the unemployment problem’?

Ilan Strauss and Doron Isaacs

Opinion | 12 June 2012

Spending on school infrastructure does matter

It is wrong to say that school funding is not crucial to learner outcomes, argue Rosalind Gater and Doron Isaacs of Equal Education.

Rosalind Gater and Doron Isaacs

News | 25 May 2012