Articles by Selby Nomnganga

My grandchild can’t read or write

A pensioner who only had two years of schooling taught himself to read and write, while his grandson, who has reached grade 9, can’t read.

Selby Nomnganga

11 March 2014

Teachers face disciplinary charges for teaching in mother-tongue

Two teachers at Vela-Langa Primary school in Upington are facing a disciplinary hearing today and tomorrow for teaching their grade two classes in SeTswana and Afrikaans.

Selby Nomnganga

25 February 2014

Less than 2km of Upington street paved after a year

An expanded public works project in Upington to pave three streets of 1.8km is incomplete a year later and no account can be given of the project by the Department of Public Works, the local municipality, or the responsible councillor.

Selby Nomnganga

5 February 2014

Over 40 degrees but not a heat wave in Upington

Temperatures in Upington in the Northern Cape have risen to over 40 degrees. But it’s still not an official heatwave for this scorching hot part of the country.

Selby Nomnganga

28 January 2014

Drought and debt for Northern Cape small farmers

In the middle of a drought, small scale subsistence farmers on the outskirts of Paballelo in the Northern Cape are facing a bill of R1.3 million for water.

Selby Nomnganga

5 December 2013

Chaotic language policy goes to rights commission

Mr. Zolile Prusente is the curriculum specialist with the regional education department in Upington. Recently, he sent a complaint to the South African Human Rights Commission regarding a problematic shift in language policy in the past year.

Selby Nomnganga

26 July 2013

Venezuela: Lessons for South Africa

Hugo Chavez’s chosen successor Nicolas Maduro, has scraped through with a lead of 240,000 votes against the opposition of Henrique Capriles. Maduro is to lead the Venezuelan state in continuing the program of social reforms known as the Bolivarian Missions, where the state after nationalising the oil company, used that revenue for the betterment of the poorest sectors of society. Health care, housing and education are made available through the Missions.

Selby Nomnganga

24 April 2013