UCT professor’s research offers hope of treatment for sickle cell anaemia

80% of babies born with the disease are in sub-Saharan Africa

By Elsabé Brits - 2 September 2020

Covid-19: How a Cape Town project saved many lives

By getting high-risk people into care immediately, even if they are not feeling ill, many deaths can be prevented

By Neal David - 31 August 2020

Plants are being given Zulu names. Here’s why it’s important

Naming invasive species will help to destroy them, says conservationist

By Sarah Wild - 24 August 2020

Why the Covid ‘Recovery Rate’ is a lousy measure of how we’re doing

It is much more sensible to compare how many people have tested positive this week to last week

By Alex Welte - 20 August 2020

Cloud computing to help save Cape’s unique fynbos

SA team won a Google Earth grant to protect precious floral kingdom

Text by Sarah Wild. Photos by Jasper Slingsby. - 28 July 2020

Covid-19: Companies sell unnecessary “deep cleans” with exaggerated claims

Regular cleaning with standard household products is sufficient

By Natasha Bolognesi - 6 July 2020

Do poorer communities have fewer plant and animal species?

A new study confirms that the “luxury effect” is real

By Sarah Wild - 23 June 2020

Covid-19: Making sense of “R”

It’s a useful but much misunderstood concept for explaining the course of the epidemic

By Max Price - 19 May 2020
Graph of decrease in NO2

Enjoy the fresh air while it lasts! Lockdown causes drop in SA air pollution

This may be little comfort to people facing hunger or crippling job losses because of the lockdown, but air pollution is nevertheless a major global killer

By Tony Carnie - 8 May 2020
Image of coronavirus

Tim Noakes interview is dangerously misleading

And it contains elementary errors

By Nathan Geffen - 13 April 2020
Photo of people wearing masks

Covid-19: Come on South Africa, let’s make masks

Home-made masks can help protect us from the virus

By Heather Zar - 10 April 2020
Photo of Coronaviruses

Covid-19: What do South Africa’s numbers mean?

We explain confirmed cases, death rates and more

By Marcus Low and Nathan Geffen - 8 April 2020
Image of coronaviruses

Beware these fake claims about Covid-19

We debunk nonsense being spread about the pandemic

By GroundUp Staff - 6 April 2020
Image of coronaviruses

How many people could die of Covid-19 in South Africa?

Researchers estimate deaths based on Chinese and Italian data. But we can take action to stop the worst outcomes

By Nathan Geffen - 29 March 2020
Photo of laboratory test equipment

Covid-19: Why testing takes time and what to expect

There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes in the testing labs than most patients realise

By Fatima Khan - 25 March 2020
Photo of PCR test

Covid-19: Why “test, test, test” is easier said than done

Both money and logistics are barriers to scaling up the number of tests for the novel coronavirus

By James Stent and Nathan Geffen - 17 March 2020