Survey estimates half of all adults under 70 have likely had Covid-19

Study was conducted in January and May, before the third wave peaked


8 July 2021

Ivermectin: balance of evidence shows no benefit against Covid-19

While it’s too soon to say that the drug is useless, it has clearly been overhyped

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5 July 2021

Alcohol bans reduced deaths, study finds

UCT and MRC researchers found that dozens of deaths a day were averted by restrictions


3 July 2021

The EFF wants us to use the Russian and Chinese vaccines. But there are unanswered questions about them

The regulatory authority must act in the public interest and not be swayed by undue pressure

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23 June 2021

Tim Noakes and BizNews are spreading dangerous falsehoods

They have misrepresented Anthony Fauci’s correspondence and cast aspersions on Glenda Gray


6 June 2021

Africa has a higher death rate among critically ill Covid-19 patients than anywhere else

The death rate was 48% compared to the global average of 32%


21 May 2021

The problem with pausing a vaccine rollout

Interrupting a programme early leads to many more infections than one might naively estimate

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21 April 2021

Covid-19 has hit pregnant women hard

Researchers find higher rates of still births and maternal deaths


7 April 2021

Should we have another tough lockdown? Not yet

Starting a lockdown too early or too late reduces the benefits but not the hardships


31 March 2021

Top scientists slam government for not using AstraZeneca vaccines

“South Africa has squandered the opportunity to protect half a million of its most vulnerable citizens”


26 March 2021

Leading research institute says there should be no new trials of hydroxychloroquine for Covid

The drug has failed to prevent or treat the disease, and it has lots of side-effects


12 March 2021

Cape Town’s sewers offer clues to next Covid-19 wave

Waste treatment plants across the city are being monitored weekly


10 March 2021

Ivermectin study boosts regulator’s court defence

The first substantial peer-reviewed clinical trial of the drug against Covid-19 finds no evidence that it is a wonder medicine


8 March 2021

Covid-19: Scientists reveal good news about variant discovered in South Africa

If you have antibodies to the 501Y.V2 variant, you likely have protection against other strains of the virus


4 March 2021