Here’s a quick health win for government

With a bit of data-sharing, we can understand who is dying where of what much quicker - and then take action to fix it

By GroundUp Editors - 21 August 2020

Lottery officials removed a webpage and then accused us of falsely reporting what was on it

This latest dodgy move suggests that the NLC has no intention of publishing the list of grant recipients

By GroundUp Editors - 24 July 2020

“Lawfare” launched against GroundUp to stop us exposing lottery corruption

The National Lotteries Commission is a corrupt, captured state institution that is enabling the pillaging of poor people’s money

By GroundUp Editors - 25 June 2020

Life may be returning to post-lockdown normality but it’s far from normal in hospitals

Here are the latest numbers from Groote Schuur

By GroundUp Editors - 19 June 2020
Photo of people waiting for social grants

Covid-19: Here’s a possible source of funds for social grants

Cash Paymaster Services could pay back profits as ordered by Constitutional Court

By GroundUp Editors - 27 March 2020
Photo of police

A message for police and soldiers: We support what you’re doing but do it gently

Our constitutional democracy should not be placed at risk by the Covid-19 lockdown

By GroundUp Editors - 26 March 2020
Photo of gavel

Landmark ruling for science journalists

Appeal committee of press council frees media from having to create false balance

By GroundUp Editors - 20 March 2020
Banner for Covid-19

Covid-19: The world’s unprecedented experiment

From this disaster we can emerge better

By GroundUp Editors - 17 March 2020
Logo for DOH Coronavirus information

Covid-19: One simple thing the Health Department needs to do urgently

Communication has been pretty good, but it needs to get better quickly

By GroundUp Editors - 13 March 2020
GroundUp Logo

Apology and retraction

One of our freelance reporters fabricated quotes

By GroundUp Editors - 28 January 2020
Photo of derailed train

“Travelling on the Metrorail network is easy” says Metrorail. Really?

In a country which claims to be headed for “a better life for all” it is outrageous that thousands of commuters can be abandoned to a failing public transport system

By GroundUp Editors - 15 January 2020
Photo of person filling in Lotto ticket

Does Sunday World want to do journalism or be a defender of corruption?

Newspaper’s attack on our reporter is malicious

By Nathan Geffen - 25 November 2019
Photo of SASSA car

Will Net1 have to pay back the money?

Accounts being audited by SASSA in accordance with Constitutional Court ruling

By GroundUp Editors - 29 October 2019
Photo of cannabis

Dagga prohibition needs to end

We need a rational approach, grounded in evidence, to growing, selling and consuming cannabis products

By GroundUp Editors - 15 October 2019
Phot of man holding poster

Good and bad ideas for reducing violence in South Africa

We were making progress until 2011. So what happened?

By GroundUp Editors - 26 September 2019
Photo of Metrorail train

Massive protests needed to change PRASA

UNTU has the right idea; the execution needs work

By GroundUp Editors - 30 July 2019