Articles about Zimbabwean Special Permits and Zimbabwe Exemption Permits

Judgment reserved in case to decide future of Zimbabweans in South Africa

State asks for ZEPHA’s case to be dismissed with costs


Law | 14 April 2023

Zimbabwean Exemption Permit: Minister acted outside his powers, court told

“We are sleepwalking into a catastrophe”, says lawyer for Zimbabwe Immigrants Forum


Law | 13 April 2023

ZEP: no rights were taken away, Home Affairs’ lawyers tell court

“Government is free to change the policy”


Law | 12 April 2023

Helen Suzman Foundation slams Home Affairs’ decision to terminate ZEP system

The Foundation is among several groups in court challenging the decision by Minister Aaron Motsoaledi


Law | 11 April 2023

I left Zimbabwe to live in South Africa. I want to go back. This is why it’s hard.

I have supported my family by working legally in South Africa


Opinion | 27 March 2023

Operation Dudula and other latecomers to the ZEP litigation are muddying the waters

The court challenge to the termination of the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit will be heard in April


Opinion | 15 February 2023

Here’s what the Zimbabwean embassy says about the expiry of the ZEP

The ambassador encouraged voluntary repatriation. But he also criticised the way Zimbabweans are being denied public services in South Africa.


News | 3 February 2023

Court battle over Zimbabwe permits set for April

“How can I be in a country where I came as a minor and be expected to pack my bags to go to Zimbabwe?”


News | 27 January 2023

Zimbabwean parents worried about learners’ move from schools in South Africa

There is still no clear plan for how the governments will help families voluntarily returning to Zimbabwe


News | 14 December 2022

Bleak future for Zimbabwean families depending on breadwinners in South Africa

Remittances to Zimbabwe in jeopardy if relatives lose the right to work legally in SA


News | 28 September 2022

Returning Zimbabweans battle to rebuild their lives in Harare

Some have good memories of their years in South Africa


News | 27 September 2022

Zimbabweans trying to leave SA not being turned back: Home Affairs explains

The department says people without valid documents are being referred to documentation counters but choose not to go


Brief | 19 September 2022

Court challenge against scrapping Zimbabwean permit will go ahead

Zimbabwean Exemption Permit validity was extended by six months to June 2023


Law | 8 September 2022

We travel to Harare with returning Zimbabweans

It’s an unhappy journey marked by xenophobia and an uncertain future


News | 30 August 2022

New court challenge to decision to scrap Zimbabwean permits

The Zimbabwean Immigration Federation seeks to defend the rights of Zimbabweans living in South Africa


Law | 28 July 2022