Philippi fire victims demand more taps

City of Cape Town promises upgrade for Sweethome Farm


News | 12 January 2017

Water tanks put to use as a playground

Villagers in Mount Frere, Eastern Cape, say the tanks have been standing dry for five years


Brief | 23 November 2016

State unresponsive to Imbali residents lack of water

Councillor “has water in her house but we have no water for months now” says resident


Brief | 20 October 2016

No water for months in Eastern Cape town

Ndlovini residents say they’ve been ignored since the elections


Brief | 13 October 2016

Streets of Mfuleni flooded

Much needed rain comes to Cape Town, but it's a mixed blessing for residents of informal settlements


Photo Essay | 17 September 2016

Karoo dam is dangerously empty

Threat of job losses on farms as drought bites


News | 8 September 2016

Pietermaritzburg residents protest over water cuts

Municipal workers briefly held hostage


News | 6 September 2016

Disabled man fetches water with a bucket tied to his crutches

Pietermaritzburg resident has little hope elections will change his plight


News | 23 August 2016

21-year-old in wheelchair just wants to go to school

Montoedi Nyangweni fell down a cliff fetching water from a river


News | 19 July 2016

Councillor gets free water, but residents have to pay her husband

Chris Hani residents up in arms over water


News | 13 July 2016

Cape Town’s precarious water supply

Drought has left dams very low but the City is taking steps to secure the future water supply


Feature | 8 June 2016

Residents furious with councillor after weeks without water

"We have been smelling for days"


News | 27 May 2016

Councillor accused of punishing voters for choosing another election candidate

Willowfountain residents say they are being deprived of water


News | 25 May 2016

Rubber bullets disperse protesters in Pietermaritzburg

Yet another community dissatisfied with councillor


News | 13 May 2016

Voters fed up with councillor in Cape Town’s vegetable garden

Urban pressure on Philippi can affect food prices across city


Analysis | 31 March 2016