“The police & I”: a sex worker’s story

Richard is a 38-year-old, gay male sex worker. He was born in East London and has been based in Cape Town since 1999. He has been in “the business” (the sex work industry) for over 20 years.

Jonathan Dockney - 6 August 2013

Private Security: a law unto themselves?

The private security industry in South Africa is one of the largest in the world, with active registered security guards outnumbering police by almost three to one and eight security companies for every police station.

Craig Oosthuizen - 26 June 2013

From Somali “Blast Furnace” to South African “Frying Pan”

Somalis marched to Parliament on 7 June in response to xenophobic violence against Somali refugees. About 500 people participated.

Tariro Washinyira - 12 June 2013

Violence against women mural unveiled in Khayelitsha

A mural has been unveiled in Khayelitsha to highlight the need for the state and communities to improve their response to violence against women.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 5 June 2013

Gang killers suspected of targeting another boy

Last week, 17-year old Glenrico Martin was shot dead at his high school in Athlone. Natheer Abrahams is 16-years old and is being bullied and threatened by gangsters. He suspects they are the same ones that killed Glenrico.

Margo Fortune - 22 May 2013

Inflammatory language makes platinum belt even more volatile

At the best of times, grassroots democracy, without sound communications infrastructure and the distribution of accurate information, can be a messy business. Add to this, dollops of rumour, some perceptions bordering on paranoia, various interest groups promoting different agendas, a history of distrust and memories of recent bloodshed and you have Marikana and much of the platinum belt today.

Terry Bell - 20 May 2013

Recent survey reveals youth hardships

South Africa devotes significant resources to youth development, with 20% of the national government's budget going towards education alone. However, a recent survey reveals that the youth are being increasingly forced to deal with a range of issues such as substance abuse, exposure to crime and violence, inequality and poverty. As a consequence, mental and behavioural issues are becoming more and more evident among learners.

Craig Oosthuizen - 15 May 2013

Andile Mngxitama: we need to draw a line in the sand

On the 15th of March Jared Sacks, a journalist and activist, published an article in the Mail & Guardian asking whether or not Steve Biko, the Steve Biko of 1977, would have supported Mamphele Ramphele’s recent political initiative. Some people, including people who had been close to Biko, really liked the piece. Others, including the well-known public commentator Andile Mngxitama, didn’t like it at all.

Zackie Achmat and Richard Pithouse - 27 March 2013

Gangs, a brotherhood-in-arms

Youth gangs have become a normal occurrence in Khayelitsha.

Mary-Anne Gontsana - 27 February 2013

“I am not a woman abuser. I just have a short temper!”

Cynthia is beaten up frequently by her husband. She is 34 and has been married for eight years. She lives in Khayelitsha with her husband.

Mary-Jane Matsolo - 27 February 2013

Khayelitsha police hold event for rape survivors

The Khayelitsha police stations held an event on 13 December to give Christmas presents to Soyisiso Nofemele's rape victims. He is currently serving eleven life sentences for raping twelve children, murdering one of them and abducting another. The victims are between two and nine years of age.

Mihle Pike - 19 December 2012

My Mother’s Black Eye

There is only one thing in this world that infuriates me and that is the abuse of women. I can't stand it. The thought of it unleashes this rage within that makes me want to scream and destroy every man that has ever laid a hand on a woman.

Baldi Lox - 28 November 2012

Dance teacher gets three life sentences for rape

On 28 October the Khayelitsha Magistrates' Court handed spiritual dance teacher Mlulami Lawrence Gagu three life sentences for the rape of seven children over a period of two years.

Mary-Jane Matsolo - 7 November 2012

Dance teacher who raped students faces the music

Lulamile Gagu was found guilty on twelve counts of rape at the Khayelitsha Magistrate's Court on 10 October. He will be sentenced on 29 October.

Mary-Jane Matsolo - 17 October 2012

The mining industry strike wave: what are the causes and what are the solutions?

In this important paper, Gavin Hartford analyses the root causes of the mining industry strikes and proposes solutions.

Gavin Hartford - 10 October 2012

Marinovich on Marikana and journalism

GroundUp interviewed investigative journalist Greg Marinovich, who has published shocking findings about the deaths of miners at Marikana.

Mara Kardas-Nelson - 4 September 2012