Photo of Mandela voting

Photographer demands his photo of Mandela back from UCT

Paul Weinberg is furious that his famous photo of Mandela voting has been linked to institutional racism

By Saam Niami Jalinous - 7 November 2018
Photos of Sarah Baartman sculpture

Quarrel over Sarah Baartman sculpture at UCT

Librarian removes covering that students had placed over Willie Bester’s artwork

By Natalie Pertsovsky and GroundUp Staff - 2 March 2018
Photo of people burning art

Here is the list of art destroyed on UCT

David Goldblatt and Breyten Breytenbach condemn “censorship”

By Natalie Pertsovsky - 9 June 2017
Photo of Willie Bester

Sarah Baartman sculptor speaks out against art censorship

“I was trying to understand my own suffering” says Willie Bester, whose work has been covered up at UCT

By Natalie Pertsovsky - 5 June 2017
Photo of student protest at UCT in 2015

Students call for UCT lecturer to be removed

Kenneth Hughes has to record the remainder of his economic history lecture series

By Stephanie Kelly - 29 April 2016
Photo of pamphlet on boarded up artwork

Art and UCT: an opportunity to encourage debate

We need more art, not less

By Nathan Geffen - 14 April 2016
Photo of artwork

The problem with art on UCT

And why covering up Diane Victor’s “Pasiphaë” is justified

By Siyaxolisa Sindelo - 12 April 2016
Photo of people boarding up an artwork

Prominent artwork covered up at UCT

This is "slightly comical" says artist Diane Victor

By Ashleigh Furlong - 8 April 2016
Photo of inside of UCT library

Is UCT a safe space for art?

Since paintings were burnt by Rhodes Must Fall students, dozens of artworks have been put into safe keeping. Pictures that may cause offense have also been taken down.

By Brent Meersman - 4 April 2016
Photo of artwork being burnt on UCT.

Rhodes Must Fall protesters burn UCT art

Fires set and students arrested in protests over accommodation shortage

By Ashleigh Furlong - 17 February 2016