Tertiary Education

UCT proposes higher fees for wealthier students

Students from families earning below R500,000 per year would have no fee increase


News | 29 August 2016

Walter Sisulu University boycott heats up as students demand no fee increase

Protesters clash with police, and other students

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News | 24 August 2016

Walter Sisulu students clash with police during fees protest

University management says no list of grievances has been received


Brief | 19 August 2016

Students shutdown PE university, accusing administration of breaking agreement

Sasco vows to continue until university agrees to its demands


News | 11 July 2016

Protesters demand UCT drops charges

Administration says those in violation of court order will be arrested


News | 1 June 2016

Student wants answers following alleged police assault

Unclear if proper investigation has taken place


News | 27 May 2016

Health care students in protest march

Our training is not recognised, say College of Cape Town students


News | 26 May 2016

UCT aims to shed staff

Morale at “all-time low”, says Academics Union official


News | 26 May 2016

UCT Shackville protesters effectively expelled

Protest on campus in response


Brief | 12 May 2016

UCT students hold event against rape culture

Meeting ends in acrimony between participant and vice-chancellor


News | 11 May 2016

Students call for UCT lecturer to be removed

Kenneth Hughes has to record the remainder of his economic history lecture series


News | 29 April 2016

Protesters arrested at Rhodes University

List of alleged rapists at centre of conflict


News | 20 April 2016

UCT students launch rape awareness initiative

Campaign spreads from Stellenbosch and Rhodes universities


News | 19 April 2016

Economics: Time to design a new curriculum

Criticism is easy; working out what the syllabus should look like is much harder


Opinion | 15 April 2016

Art and UCT: an opportunity to encourage debate

We need more art, not less


Opinion | 14 April 2016

“Ons CPUT werkers is gatvol”

Workers protest at graduation ceremony, demanding an 8% wage increase


News | 13 April 2016