Photo of Reclaim the City march in Sea Point

Feasibility study for Tafelberg to be released tomorrow

"We have waited long enough" says activist

By David Doochin - 17 November 2016
Photo of activists blocking access to building

Housing activists block access to Public Works department

They protested that the Western Cape government's feasibility study on the controversial Tafelberg property is overdue

By Colleen Monaghan - 15 November 2016
Photo of sport stands

State offices instead of housing for the poor

Proceeds from contentious sale of Tafelberg School will be used to fund provincial offices, not social projects

By Rejul Bejoy and Ashleigh Furlong - 24 July 2016
Photo of protesters

Sea Point workers march against Tafelberg sale, as objection period ends

“We are sick and tired of the backyard" says domestic worker

By Stephanie Kelly - 9 June 2016
Photo of Zackie Achmat

Letter from Zackie Achmat to Premier Helen Zille

“If you commit to building affordable housing you will be addressing our resistance with humility and as a leader”

By Zackie Achmat - 9 June 2016
Graphic of proposed affordable housing project for Tafelberg

Turn Tafelberg into affordable housing, pleads novelist

"To sell off the Tafelberg land is to discard the opportunity to plan for a city that is built on integration, compassion, trust and justice."

By Margie Orford - 30 May 2016
Photo of three people

Court settlement reached in Tafelberg case

But dispute over future of Sea Point property 'is by no means concluded'

By Naib Mian - 5 May 2016
Graphic showing what Tafelerg site could have looked like

Tafelberg site could house 200 families at rents from R700 a month

2012 study laid out plan for social housing

By Naib Mian - 18 April 2016
Aerial photo of Tafelberg School

Activists ask court to stop province selling Sea Point property

Tafelberg site should be used for affordable housing, not a private school, they argue

By Naib Mian and Stephanie Kelly - 11 April 2016
Photo of a woman with a placard

Activists to interdict sale of Tafelberg site

Reclaim the City campaign demands a transparent public process

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 15 March 2016
Photo of Reclaim the City march in Sea Point

Province agrees to discuss future of Tafelberg School

Activists to reconsider intended court action against provincial government

By Mary-Anne Gontsana - 3 March 2016
Map showing the land in Cape Town the province wishes to sell

Calls to halt sale of prime city land

Civil society organisations and Western Cape Province clash over four inner city properties

By Ashleigh Furlong - 8 February 2016