Open letter to Judge Zondo: Please resume Commission hearings

20 organisations ask state capture commission to issue interim report

Civil Society Working Group on State Capture - 3 June 2020
Photo of a group of people

“The struggle against corruption is a struggle for human rights”

Civil society working group submits recommendations to Zondo Commission

By Liezl Human - 19 February 2020
Photo of a man making a speech in a cathedral

Archbishop: 2020 to be the year of the orange jumpsuit

Civil society rallies against state capture

By Tariro Washinyira - 13 February 2020
Photo of judge

JSC in spotlight for slow adjudication of complaints against two judges

One complaint alleges state capture. The other alleges racism and sexism.

By Barbara Maregele - 23 August 2019
Photo of two boys addressing a meeting

Activists highlight how state capture affects everyday life

Collapse of Metrorail and policing is hurting poor people

By Tariro Washinyira and GroundUp Staff - 28 July 2019
Photo of rally at Johannesburg City Hall

Activists unite to “defend democracy”

Johannesburg City Hall filled to capacity following Jacob Zuma’s testimony at Zondo Commission

By Zoë Postman - 21 July 2019
Photo of Jacob Zuma

No country for old spies

Take Jacob Zuma’s testimony for what it is – the rambling of a troubled mind

By Yolisa Pikie - 17 July 2019
Photo of visitors' entrance to Parliament

False start to Parliament’s state capture probe

“The key thing here is that we need to get the money back as soon as possible”

By Moira Levy and Sune Payne - 17 August 2017
Photo of President Jacob Zuma

Is Zuma threatening to fragment the country?

Ominous Melmoth meeting suggests he is

By Terry Bell - 11 April 2016
Photo of Hendrik Verwoerd

Lessons in state capture from the Broederbond scandal

The ANC investigation into the Gupta scandal needs to be treated with caution

By Terry Bell - 29 March 2016
Photo of the minister of finance.

Why unions joined Gordhan’s roadshow

Federations attempt to "save the country"

By Terry Bell - 22 March 2016
Photo of President Jacob Zuma

To stop Guptification we must challenge secret deals

Both the ANC and DA must say who their donors are

By Murray Hunter - 22 March 2016