Joburg prisoners claim department is violating court’s order to feed them properly

Correctional Services says it has complied with the order and denies any wrongdoing


Law | 28 January 2019

Sun City prisoners accuse staff of cheating them out of canteen money

Inmates say attempts to open fraud case blocked


News | 20 September 2018

Sibusiso Mavuka has spent ten years in prison, and appeared in court 91 times. He has never been convicted of any crime.

Mandela’s 100th birthday is a time for us to reflect on our criminal justice system

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Opinion | 18 September 2018

Judgment paints a damning picture of prison life at Sun City

Correctional Services ordered to feed prisoners properly


Law | 21 June 2018

Prison inmates go 20 hours between meals

Court case throws light on conditions at “Sun City”


News | 30 January 2018

Barberton prisoners go on hunger strike

Sparked by backlog in parole applications


News | 12 January 2018

Minimum prison sentences must go, says Constitutional Court judge

They “are poorly-thought out, misdirected, hugely costly and an ineffective way of punishing criminals”


Law | 3 November 2017

Prison inmates stage play at Artscape

Theatre programme works with offenders to prepare them for life after prison


News | 29 September 2017

Can imprisoned asylum seekers be deported?

What happens to a Somali refugee may give the answer


Brief | 18 August 2017

State mental health patients are being held in prisons

There is a shortage of hospital beds in the Eastern Cape for inmates with mental illness


News | 27 July 2017

Catch 22 for refugee in prison

Somali denied parole as he is unable to renew documentation


News | 26 July 2017

Isolated prisoners file court application

Inmates at Kgosi Mampuru II want to be moved back to their cells


News | 25 July 2017

Lost trial record hampers prisoner’s appeal

Bongile Mbangane’s case is not unusual in disorganised court system


News | 20 July 2017

Prisoners relocated after riot at correctional facility

Inmates staged sit-ins and hunger strikes over long backlogs for parole


News | 7 July 2017

Prison sit-in turns violent

Inmates at Pretoria correctional facility were protesting over parole backlogs


News | 3 July 2017