The need for real media transformation

Transformation of the media in South Africa is essential. But we should be very clear about what we mean by such transformation.

Terry Bell

14 January 2014

Clarity, Kriel and the Cape Times

A lack of adequate resources and asset-stripping by the Irish carpetbagger Tony — now Sir Anthony — O'Reilly are the real problems with the Cape Times, not the undeniable quality, let alone pigmentation, of the staff. But there are other issues too that require examination.

Terry Bell

29 December 2013

Rent a crowd protest - an attack on media freedom

Cape Times editor Alide Dasnois was fired by Iqbal Surve, executive chairperson of the Sekunjalo Consortium, the day after Mandela’s death.

Shireen Mukadam

18 December 2013

Cape Times demo: plot thickens

It now appears that it was the fairly recently ordained pastor and political changeling, Wesley Douglas, who was one of the organisers of the group that gatecrashed a Right to Know (R2K) protest in Cape Town yesterday.

Terry Bell

18 December 2013

Goons attempt to disrupt protest for press freedom

The saga of the Cape Times and South Africa’s Independent Newspapers (INL) group plumbed new depths of farce this afternoon (December 17) when a rent-a-crowd arrived in the city to support the putative new owner, Iqbal Survé.

Terry Bell

17 December 2013

Mandela and the dangers of deification

As everyone from monarchs to the labouring masses this week sought to share in the Mandela memorial moment, the myth machine went into overdrive, the very machine Mandela had so disparaged when I sat with him in his Johannesburg office in 1992. One sentence he uttered then has resonated with me throughout the years: “I am no messiah.”

Terry Bell

17 December 2013

What is Mandela’s Secret?

South Africa came very close to civil war in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but instead of a bloodbath there was the negotiated settlement, also known as the ‘miracle’. In fact parts of the country were in a state of civil war, and the miracle is that it didn’t engulf the country.

Doron Isaacs

9 December 2013

Alide Dasnois exemplifies quiet integrity and commitment to quality media

Alide Dasnois has been fired from her position as editor of the Cape Times.

GroundUp Editor

8 December 2013

Is Mozambique returning to war?

Frightening memories of the 16-year-long civil war have reignited in the minds of Mozambicans as tensions between RENAMO and FRELIMO reach a new high.

Fabio da Graca

3 December 2013

The need to remember history - and to plan political homes

One element lacking in the current debates about what is going on in Cosatu is any sense of recent history. Because there is nothing really new in the current spate of political bloodletting, in the bitterness and the backstabbing.

Terry Bell

2 December 2013