Immigrant-owned shops looted in Dunoon

Cops accused of not being there to protect stores

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18 April 2016

Mobile police station is a “sleep van”, says resident

Vusi Pikoli hears Masiphumelele residents' complaints about cops


14 April 2016

Why we are taking the Minister of Police to court

Police resource allocation is an apartheid remnant


14 April 2016

Enkanini residents protest at police failure to find missing woman

Anelisa Daluze has been missing since January


13 April 2016

Activists take police minister to court

Demand equitable allocation of resources between rich and poor areas

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30 March 2016

Civil society organisations defend Helen Suzman Foundation

Activist groups condemn "thuggish" raid


22 March 2016

SJC march for justice in Khayelitsha

The murder and rape of Sinoxolo Mafevuka triggers anger at lack of policing


15 March 2016

Nigerians expelled from Western Cape town

Fourteen people flee Wolseley after crowd marches against them, loots their shops, and accuses them of murder and drug-dealing


4 March 2016

Diepsloot finally gets a police station

It has opened eight years after initial discussions


22 February 2016

Rastafarians protest against police brutality

An article by Eduard Grebe highlighting police brutality spurred the Cape Town Rastafarian community to protest outside Woodstock Police Station today.


14 January 2016

SAPS accused of being disrespectful to Commission

Hearings and submissions of oral evidence started at the Commission of Inquiry in Khayelitsha today. The hall at Lookout Hill was packed with member of the Social Justice Coalition, residents of Khayelitsha, academics and journalists.

Adam Armstrong

23 January 2014