The Lottery and its discontents

Here are articles on who plays the South African Lottery, how the Lottery money is distributed, and dodgy dealings by the National Lotteries Commission and its recipients.

Lottery fails to name beneficiaries of multimillion-rand Covid-19 fund

MP complains to Parliament about lack of disclosure


11 June 2020

NPA declines to prosecute Lottery looter

This is a civil matter, says state advocate


3 June 2020

Lottery throws millions more at dodgy projects

The National Lotteries Commission has refused to disclose its beneficiaries. But we found them

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25 May 2020

Lotto looter Lesley Ramulifho has committed fraud and perjury

Affidavit contains manipulated bank statements and forged signatures


13 May 2020

Covid-19: Minister puts a stop to lottery ticket sales

Unclear why National Lotteries Commission was selling a non-essential good during lockdown


25 April 2020

Covid-19: You can’t buy warm food, but you can buy Lottery tickets

No explanation offered as to why this has remained an essential good


24 April 2020

Dodgy off-the-shelf companies cash in on Lottery millions

Huge grants given to Lottopreneurs with no track record


10 April 2020

Lottery was warned in 2014 about fraud – and yet it continued

Had all the recommendations been taken seriously hundreds of millions of rands would not have been wasted in subsequent years


3 April 2020

“Scandal-ridden” Lottery chairperson to serve extra year

Alfred Nevhutanda will keep his position until November


30 March 2020

How the Lottery funded an R8.5 million Facebook page

Director of Harmonica Jazz Foundation was a member of a National Lotteries Commission distributing agency


16 March 2020

Lottery officials fibbed about clean audits

NLC received a qualified audit for the 2017/18 financial year


13 March 2020

National Lotteries Commission refuses to release list of beneficiaries

NLC chairperson claims people are making money off the beneficiary list


10 March 2020

Lottery supporters march against journalists who exposed corruption

Memo calls on Ebrahim Patel not to suspend the National Lottery Commission’s board


6 March 2020

Zibsifusion: a case study of Lottery corruption

Toilets were promised to schools with pit latrines, but never delivered


3 March 2020

The Lottery and the missing minstrel museum

Six years ago the Lottery gave R13 million for a museum which still does not exist


21 February 2020

Pressure grows for Parliament to “get to the bottom” of accusations against Lottery

“The NLC’s game plan is to bully and threaten anyone who looks to make allegations or substantiate allegations against it,” says MP


5 February 2020