Landowners fight 100 years of dispossession

The Evaton community want their trust land restored and mining companies to pay compensation


News | 5 July 2017

Joe Slovo Park residents torch MyCiTi bus after shacks demolished

Land occupation followed removal of school classrooms


News | 26 June 2017

Police and NPA want land occupiers “punished by the courts”

Protesters accused of attacking school bus


Brief | 23 June 2017

Khayelitsha land occupiers granted bail

Backyarders from Town Two marched to Lingelethu police station on the weekend demanding release of six people who were arrested


News | 19 June 2017

Massive land occupation in Khayelitsha

Residents say the land has stood unoccupied for decades


News | 19 May 2017

Cape Town airport faces land claim

Family members seeking compensation believe they have been cheated

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News | 26 April 2017

Occupiers of church land demand water and sanitation

City says it cannot provide services on Moravian land in Pella


News | 28 March 2017

School books and uniforms taken by sheriff in shack demolition

“It is becoming difficult to explain our situation to school teachers because this is the third time,” says 15-year-old


News | 27 March 2017

Masiphumelele residents want permission to occupy vacant City land

Meeting between City officials and residents started and ended chaotically


News | 15 March 2017

Court case to have major impact on land ownership for black women

Long shadow of apartheid laws perpetuates discrimination


Law | 13 March 2017

Land reform favours businesses, not the poor, say researchers

Eastern Cape study suggests system provides “little or no tenure security” for intended beneficiaries


News | 1 March 2017

Land Claims Court halts eviction of 2,000 people in Kempton Park

Some residents have been on the land since 1958


Law | 17 February 2017

Landmark Marikana case begins: 60,000 people’s homes at stake

City asked to buy or expropriate land occupied in Philippi East


News | 8 February 2017

Human Rights Commission accused of taking sides with mines

Mapela villagers protest outside SAHRC offices


Brief | 26 January 2017

Lack of parliamentary oversight in Western Cape property deals

“Rubber-stamping exercise” says Provincial Property Committee member


News | 12 December 2016

Hearings on Khoi San Bill held with no translation into Khoi and San languages

Portfolio committee hearings in Northern Cape off to shaky start


Opinion | 1 December 2016