Photo of Luiz Lores

Leading SA doctor calls for head of UN body to go

Michel Sidibe “has at minimum built and supported the environment in which these abuses took place” says Professor Francois Venter

By Annie Cebulski - 26 April 2018
Image of HIV

South Africa’s HIV treatment programme: a phoenix rising from the ashes?

Over 4 million people are on treatment but the programme may be stuttering

By Leigh Johnson - 13 December 2017
Photo of Khuzani Mpungose

Singing for circumcision

Khuzani Mpungose launches new song for HIV prevention

By Nomfundo Xolo - 12 December 2017
Photo of child breastfeeding

Malawian High Court narrows scope of HIV Criminalisation Laws

Decision provides relief for people on antiretrovirals

By Safura Abdool Karim - 10 October 2017
Photo of Prudence Mabele

Prudence Mabele was a radical who led the struggle for openness about HIV

Her eyes would laugh with anger at Thabo Mbeki and Manto Tshabalala-Msimang

By Zackie Achmat - 22 July 2017
Photo of Fareed Abdullah

Former Aids council head criticises government plan

But Fareed Abdullah says it is not too late to improve it

By Ashleigh Furlong - 17 June 2017
Photo of a man

Aids Council responds to corruption allegations

Civil society organisations called “malicious”

By Ashleigh Furlong - 15 June 2017
Photo of demonstrators

Sex workers demonstrate during Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech

South African National AIDS Council did not include decriminalising sex work in its HIV strategy plan

By Ashleigh Furlong - 15 June 2017
Photo of a woman

Men at higher risk of not getting HIV under control

In a massive study, about 85% of patients on antiretrovirals had got the virus down to acceptable levels in their blood

By Ashleigh Furlong - 15 June 2017
Photo of Nazir Ismail

South Africa is making progress against its most deadly disease

Number of new cases is dropping

By Ashleigh Furlong - 14 June 2017
Photo of doctor presenting

Khayelitsha study offers hope for children with HIV who are failing treatment

Intervention helps kids to adhere to their medication

By Ashleigh Furlong - 14 June 2017
Photo of protesters

Activists protest against Aids Council

Hard questions in recent months about SANAC’s finances and commitment to holding government accountable remain unanswered

By Ashleigh Furlong - 13 June 2017

WHO says HIV prevention drug is essential

Obstacle removed to making PrEP widely available in South Africa

By Ashleigh Furlong - 12 June 2017
Photo of woman walking past PMTCT graffiti

Fewer babies born with HIV in South Africa

Programme changes over last 15 years have yielded excellent results

By Ashleigh Furlong - 10 April 2017
Photo of toy duck

Court strikes blow against quackery

Dr Hugh Brathwaite falsely claimed that his product could prevent HIV transmission

By Safura Abdool Karim - 16 March 2017
Photo of people sitting in a meeting

Drug offers new option for patients with TB and Aids

Clinical trial shows positive effects of steroid for patients on ARVs

By Ashleigh Furlong - 2 March 2017