Workers protest in Gauteng, demand health department give them jobs

Union says those who helped during Covid epidemic must get permanent employment


Brief | 17 March 2022

Labour Court dismisses challenge to Covid vaccination policy

Case provides clarity on when a company vaccination policy will be lawful


Law | 15 March 2022

Student nurses in Eastern Cape demand jobs from provincial government

The health department says it does not have enough money to hire these nurses when they qualify at the end of March


Brief | 11 March 2022

Doctors picket outside crisis-ridden hospital

More than 800 posts to be scrapped at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital


News | 10 March 2022

Staff shut down Uitenhage Provincial Hospital for several hours in protest over closure of TB hospitals

“They must bring us stats that say TB is not killing people anymore” says NEHAWU leader


Brief | 10 March 2022

Doctors are having to bring food for patients at Bara Hospital

Food supplies run out and medical waste piles up as hospital reaches “crisis point”


News | 10 March 2022

Godfrey Thulare was shot in the leg four times. He had to wait two weeks for surgery at a Tshwane hospital

Surgery on a gunshot wound should ideally be within six hours, says doctor


News | 4 March 2022

Netcare sexual assault centres: are they as publicised?

Rape Crisis advocacy specialist raises concerns


News | 2 March 2022

Hospital porters protest, block entrance to Groote Schuur

Porters lost their jobs when a new contractor was appointed

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Brief | 1 March 2022

Khayelitsha hospital staff overwhelmed with cases

The hospital has 340 beds but frequently has to accommodate nearly 450 patients


News | 25 February 2022

“We are hungry. Our pots are empty”

Hundreds march in Cape Town demanding urgent solutions to unemployment


Brief | 24 February 2022

I beat an antibiotic resistant infection - but only just

Antibiotic resistance is not an abstract problem. It’s deadly and we can all do more to fix it


Feature | 24 February 2022

Farm workers demand wealth tax for the 1%

Women on Farms protest outside Parliament ahead of budget speech


Brief | 23 February 2022

Open Charlotte Maxeke Hospital now, demand health workers

Province offers reason for why more money was not made available to hospitals that picked up the additional patient load


News | 20 February 2022

Charlotte Maxeke closure is placing “severe strain” on Helen Joseph

The Gauteng Department of Health has taken over the reconstruction of the hospital from the provincial Department of Infrastructure Development


News | 18 February 2022

Less talk, more action: South Africa’s failing response to the antibiotic resistance pandemic

Our government’s report card reads: “Must do better”

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Science | 10 February 2022