Photo of children playing

Diving for abalone among the great white sharks

Impoverished Gansbaai residents risk death to supply illicit trade

By Kimon de Greef - 11 October 2017
Photo of people shouting

Fishers march into government offices

Call for crayfish quotas to be allocated to nearshore fishers and not large commercial fisheries

By Yann Macherez - 22 September 2017
Photo of gathering in Hout Bay

Hout Bay residents call for solidarity with Hangberg

Solemn protest on International Day of Peace demands housing and fishing rights

By Yann Macherez - 22 September 2017
Photo of man against shore background

Fishing quotas killed Waylon, say Hawston residents

25-year-old drowned trying to learn to dive for abalone

By Steve Kretzmann - 20 September 2017
Photo of a  fishing boat

Chokka fishers struggle to survive in lean times

Separated for long periods from their families, the fishers eke out a meagre living catching squid

By Navar Claasen - 19 September 2017
photo of fisherman in meeting

Debate on key fishing bill stalled in Parliament

No responses yet to angry fishing communities

By Alicestine October - 18 September 2017
Photograph of protesters throwing a petrol bomb at riot police.

In photos: Hangberg erupts over fishing rights

Rubber bullets, petrol bombs, flares and tear gas fill the air as protest escalates

By Ashraf Hendricks - 13 September 2017
Photo of men standing in front of burning barricade

Police shoot child in mouth

Hout Bay residents protest against shrinking lobster quotas

By Kimon de Greef - 12 September 2017
Photo of man speaking in meeting

Saldanha fishermen slam new marine bill

“Where are we going to fish?” MPs asked during public hearing

By Alicestine October - 1 September 2017
Photo of ship in front of shoreline with houses

Lobster crash erodes West Coast way of life

Minister Senzeni Zokwana accused of reneging on recovery plan

By Craig Dodds - 14 February 2017
Photo of Solene Smith and fishers

Small-scale fishers demand their rights

Dozens protest at Parliament over fishing permit policy

By Ashraf Hendricks - 26 November 2016
Photo of protesters

Small scale fishers say they face bleak Christmas

Protesters say government policy designed to empower them is failing

By Mandla Mnyakama - 16 November 2016
Photo of a sunset

Way of life restored for Langebaan fishers

Fishers win the right to use Zone B on Langebaan lagoon

By Ashraf Hendricks - 15 November 2016
Photo of Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay’s fishers battle for permits

Fishers risk “limb and neck to get that fish and to put something on the table”

By Andrea Teagle - 15 August 2016
Photo of fishing boat and people

Small fishers need a bigger share of resources

More than 95% of fishing rights go to commercial fishing

By Liz McGregor - 31 March 2016