Photo of a group of people

Eastern Cape fishers welcome issuing of fishing rights

“We have achieved this milestone after a long struggle”

By Joseph Chirume - 18 November 2019
Photo of a sign

Durban lifts ban on fishing in its harbour

Port authority says use the port at your own risk because the water has not been declared fully safe

Roving Reporters - 7 June 2019
Photo of people with banner

New black fishing association launched

Chokka fishermen complain about working conditions

By Joseph Chirume - 21 November 2018
Photo of DAFF building on Cape Town Foreshore

Fisheries department rots from the top

A factional war lays bare a culture of corruption

By Kimon de Greef - 12 November 2018
Photo of Special Task Force

Police raid Hout Bay homes in massive crime prevention operation

Residents clash with cops

By Aidan Jones - 30 August 2018
Photo of Hout Bay harbour

Cops killed Hout Bay fisherman, witnesses say

Durick van Blerk has been missing since 11 August

By Kimon de Greef - 27 August 2018
Photo of Hout Bay harbour

Cops probed over missing fisherman

Police watchdog opens cases of attempted murder

By Kimon de Greef - 16 August 2018
Photo of burnt warehouse

Hout Bay protest turns violent after poaching death

Hangberg residents accuse law enforcement of shooting Durick van Blerk

By Kimon de Greef - 12 August 2018
Photo of Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein

Court gives community right to fish without permit

Landmark judgment for customary rights

By Ohene Yaw Ampofo-Anti - 6 June 2018
Photo of fisherman on a boat

How fishing in a Western Cape town is dying

“Our people have lived off the river for years … but fish don’t come here anymore”

By Barbara Maregele - 8 December 2017
Photo9 of protest

We don’t have money or staff, says fisheries department

MPs told directorate can’t implement co-operatives policy

By Alicestine October - 13 November 2017
Photo of children playing

Diving for abalone among the great white sharks

Impoverished Gansbaai residents risk death to supply illicit trade

By Kimon de Greef - 11 October 2017
Photo of people shouting

Fishers march into government offices

Call for crayfish quotas to be allocated to nearshore fishers and not large commercial fisheries

By Yann Macherez - 22 September 2017
Photo of gathering in Hout Bay

Hout Bay residents call for solidarity with Hangberg

Solemn protest on International Day of Peace demands housing and fishing rights

By Yann Macherez - 22 September 2017
Photo of man against shore background

Fishing quotas killed Waylon, say Hawston residents

25-year-old drowned trying to learn to dive for abalone

By Steve Kretzmann - 20 September 2017
Photo of a  fishing boat

Chokka fishers struggle to survive in lean times

Separated for long periods from their families, the fishers eke out a meagre living catching squid

By Navar Claasen - 19 September 2017